Lucky Reptile Jungle Bedding

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The ingenious substrate for tropical terrariums: LUCKY REPTILE JUNGLE BEDDING! Absolutely natural and without additives.

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  • Hochwertiger Bodengrund ohne chemische Zusätze
  • Mit optimalem pH-Wert für tropische Reptilien
  • Speichert unglaublich viel Feuchtigkeit
  • Im günstigen 20-Liter-Vorratspack

Lucky Reptile Jungle Bedding - the perfect substrate for jungle terrariums

Particularly in tropical terrariums, the substrate used should have very special properties because reptiles are often very sensitive to the pH value that prevails in tropical rainforests. Lucky Reptile Jungle Bedding creates exactly the pH values (5.5 - 6.5) that make tropical reptiles feel "at home". But that alone is not enough! Lucky Reptile Jungle Bedding also offers an immense water storage capacity, just like natural jungle floors do. Due to the special structural stability of Lucky Reptile Jungle Bedding, this high-quality substrate for jungle terrariums absorbs moisture very strongly. Even when it's already completely dried out. Lucky Reptile Jungle Bedding works in a similar way to the upper layers of tropical rainforests. All in all, Lucky Reptile Jungle Bedding is simply the perfect substrate for tropical reptiles and with this substrate they increase the quality of life of reptiles in rainforest terrariums immensely. Lucky Reptile Jungle Bedding is incredibly productive and can of course be used in all terrariums with floor heating. Lucky Reptile Jungle Bedding does not contain any chemical additives and is a pure natural product.

Ideally, you should use a special fleece and drainage substrate to create a proper drainage layer in the rainforest terrarium. Exo Terra Biodrain terrarium substrate and the Exo Terra Biodrain terrarium tissue mat are well suited for this purpose. This ensures perfect climatic conditions and prevents dangerous waterlogging right from the start. Swampings in the terrarium are no longer a problem.

Lucky Reptile Jungle Bedding is available from us in a reasonably priced 20-litre stock pack.

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