Lucky Reptile Hydro Fleece

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Ideal supplement to Lucky Reptile Hydro Drain clay substrate: LUCKY REPTILE HYDRO FLEECE! Prevents swamp formation and dirt in the terrarium.

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Lucky Reptile Hydro Fleece - for maximum cleanliness in the wet terrarium

The Lucky Reptile Hydro Fleece is the optimal supplement for the Lucky Reptile Hydro Drain clay substrate and similar substrates that are supposed to store water on the terrarium floor. The Lucky Reptile Hydro Fleece is simply cut to the required size and placed directly on the clay substrate. The Lucky Reptile Hydro Fleece also has the great advantage that even the smallest substrate particles have no chance of penetrating downwards - so the clay substrate cannot mix with the actual substrate, which ensures more cleanliness. The frequently used grid and net solutions are clearly the losers.

The Lucky Reptile Hydro Fleece is made of rot-free material and lasts for a very long time - even under the toughest conditions. For use in large terrariums, we recommend the use of several fleece bows, which may overlap at the edge. The dimensions of the Lucky Reptile Hydro Fleece are 100 x 50 cm. If you have a smaller terrarium - no problem: Simply cut your Lucky Reptile Hydro Fleece to the desired size - the function is not affected in any way.

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