Lucky Reptile Herp Diner Leopard Gecko Blend

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Ideal feed mixture for leopard geckos: LUCKY REPTILE HERP DINER LEOPARD GECKO BLEND! Rich in important vitamins and nutrients.

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  • Mit optimalen Nährstoffen für Leopardgeckos und andere Reptilien
  • Aus hochwertigen und rein natürlichen Zutaten
  • Sofort servierfertig für Ihre Reptilien
  • Schonend hergestellt und frisch versiegelt

Lucky Reptile Herp Diner Leopard Gecko Blend - the ideal food for leopard geckos

If you keep leopard geckos, you know that these beautiful reptiles have a taste for insects. Particularly all types of worms usually stand with the "Leos" highly in the course. However, this diet is one-sided and the leopard geckos often lack important nutrients - especially calcium. With Lucky Reptile Herp Diner Leopard Gecko Blend, leopard geckos and many other gecko species can be fed in a species-appropriate way. Lucky Reptile Herp Diner Leopard Gecko Blend contains not only the tasty mealworms for geckos, but also medium grasshoppers, crickets and bamboo maggots to provide your reptiles with a varied diet. The addition of natural cuttlebone ensures that this high-quality feed mixture becomes even healthier, because the important calcium-phosphorus ratio is significantly improved once again and here is 2:1 - simply optimal. Ideal for the healthy development of leopard geckos and other reptiles. Lucky Reptile Herp Diner Leopard Gecko Blend is prepared very gently and all important nutrients are preserved. In addition, this process kills all parasites that may be present in live reptile feed. This will give you a particularly digestible and healthy reptile food that your leopard geckos will love.

Compound feed for insectivorous pets

Feeding recommendation: Use tweezers for feeding in the terrarium. Please feed your reptiles appropriately and ensure a varied diet.

Composition: mealworms 38,3 %, crickets 20 %, grasshoppers 20 %, bamboo worms 20 %, cuttlefish 1,7 %, crickets 20 %, bamboo worms 20 %, cuttlefish 1,7 %.

Analytical components: crude protein 15,5 %, fat content 8,4 %, crude fibre 2,6 %, moisture content 72,4 %, calcium 7800 mg/kg, phosphorus 3200 mg/kg

You will receive 35 grams of Lucky Reptile Herp Diner Leopard Gecko Blend in a tin.

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