Lucky Reptile Frog Cave

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Special terrarium cave for arrow poison frogs: LUCKY REPTILE FROG CAVE! The perfect way to lay your eggs.

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  • Tolles, absolut realistisches Baumstumpfdesign
  • Sehr leicht zu reinigen, für verbesserte Terrarienhygiene
  • Herausnehmbare Eiablageschale
  • Auch für 60 mm Petrischalen geeignet
  • Kompakte Abmessungen: 12,5 cm x 11,5 cm x 7 cm

Lucky Reptile Frog Cave - Cave for the egg deposition of arrow poison frogs

Arrow poison frogs (tree riser frogs) are meanwhile among the particularly popular nurslings in local terrariums. No wonder, because behind the martialischen name, that these colorful frogs don't carry quite rightly (only 3 of the over 170 types) produce the dreaded nerve-poison), hides itself a picture-beautiful frog-lurche, that are resident for the most part in the rain-forests of Central and South America. When it comes to the laying of eggs, the poison dart frogs are very different and the individual species often have very special demands on the place where they finally place their eggs. With the Lucky Reptile Frog Cave you can solve this problem quickly and elegantly - in addition, the egg laying cave is a decorative piece for your terrarium.

Even if the demands of the poison dart frog species on their egg placement may differ, all species have in common that they prefer a dark hiding place with a suitable microclimate. This is exactly what the Lucky Reptile Frog Cave offers. Made of particularly robust synthetic resin and therefore very easy to clean, the look here is not only appealing to the human observer, because the tree trunk design, this terrarium cave strongly reminds of its natural counterparts from the tropical rainforests. Such places are visited by many Baumsteigerfroscharten very gladly to the Eiablage. Practical: If you want to control the rearing of the frogs yourself (e.g. in a special rearing tank), the lower part can be easily removed. Additional parts are available separately as accessories for the Lucky Reptile Frog Cave. By the way, you can also use the egg laying cave with 60 mm Petri dishes, which is a real alternative for breeders.

We recommend that you place several of the Lucky Reptile Frog Cave Egg Caverns at different locations in the terrarium - this will usually convince you to use particularly choosy frogs and make it easier for your amphibious keepers to lay their eggs.

The dimensions of the terrarium cave are 12.5 cm x 11.5 cm x 7 cm.

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