Lucky Reptile Egg-O-Bator (incubator, incubator)

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The powerful incubator with simple operation: LUCKY REPTILE EGG-O-BATOR! Optimal device for beginners.

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  • Komplette Ausstattung, inklusive 3 praktischen Brutdosen
  • Top verarbeitet und hervorragend isoliert
  • Geringe Stromaufnahme (5 Watt) und lautlos im Betrieb
  • Einfach und intuitiv bedienbar - für Anfänger ideal

Lucky Reptile Egg-O-Bator - incubator for reptile eggs

Discover the "egg of Columbus" among the incubators for reptile eggs. It has never been so easy to enter the exciting world of offspring, because the Lucky Reptile Egg-O-Bator makes breeding success child's play. With the Lucky Reptile Egg-O-Bator you can hatch the eggs of numerous reptile species - whether geckos, bearded dragons, snakes or turtles. With the Lucky Reptile Egg-O-Bator, everything is designed so that you don't have to worry about complicated thermostat settings. On the contrary, the Lucky Reptile Egg-O-Bator has 3 fixed temperature ranges (26°C, 29°C, 32°C) that allow the incubation of eggs of all popular reptile species. This ideal temperature is maintained absolutely accurately and the excellently insulated housing of this compact incubator guarantees good breeding results. Thus, fluctuations in the outside temperature do not make a difference to the Lucky Reptile Egg-O-Bator - the incubation temperature inside the incubator always remains constant. In addition, there is a very considerable capacity of 4 litres - a whole lot for such a compact incubator. You can use the 3 supplied incubators at the same time. The spacious interior of the Lucky Reptile Egg-O-Bators makes it possible. If large incubators for reptile eggs often need plenty of electricity, the Lucky Reptile Egg-O-Bator is an economical pleasure. With a power consumption of only 5 watts per hour, this incubator for reptile eggs is a real energy saver - which relieves both your wallet and the environment.

In operation, the Lucky Reptile Egg-O-Bator is absolutely silent - unlike many large incubators. This is easy on the nerves and you can actually use the incubator anywhere at home. Also innovative with this great breeder: The Lucky Reptile Egg-O-Bator is absolute fun for children - so you can introduce even your youngest to the exciting subject of "reptile breeding". Included in the delivery are 3 decorative stickers (chameleon, snake, turtle), which can be stuck on according to desire, mood and the current content of the incubator. A pretty decoration that makes the Lucky Reptile Egg-O-Bator look even more attractive. So that nothing can go wrong right from the start and you achieve maximum breeding success with the incubator, the Lucky Reptile Egg-O-Bator comes with a detailed and incredibly easy to understand operating manual. So even absolute beginners can quickly become successful hobby breeders of reptiles with the Lucky Reptile Egg-O-Bator. You see: The Lucky Reptile Egg-O-Bator convinces not only by its attractive, unusual design, it is also a full-fledged incubator for reptile eggs, technically up-to-date and really cheap!

The Lucky Reptile Egg-O-Bator has the following dimensions (W/T/H):
Inside: approx. 11, 5 cm x 14.5 cm x 22 cm
Outside: approx. 28 cm x 26 cm x 32 cm

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