Lucky Reptile Eco Bark Terrarium Ground Substrate

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Base with ingenious optics: LUCKY REPTILE ECO BARK! High-quality substrate made from the best pine bark. Ideal moisturizer for the terrarium.

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  • Echte Kiefernrinde mit wunderschöner Färbung
  • Ohne chemische Zusätze
  • Lange Zeit saugfähig und formstabil
  • Aus nachwachsenden Rohstoffen und kompostierbar

Lucky Reptile Eco Bark - optically great substrate for terrariums

Lucky Reptile Eco Bark proves very impressively that a particularly high-quality substrate for the terrarium can also look damn good. Lucky Reptile Eco Bark is made of genuine pine bark and shows this with a beautiful reddish hue. That's why you can use Lucky Reptile Eco Bark for decoration in your terrarium without any problems and if necessary you can apply this substrate as a decorative layer on another substrate. Lucky Reptile Eco Bark stores large amounts of moisture, which is released evenly again. So this great substrate contributes to a good climate in the terrarium. Dirt and bad odours are absorbed very effectively by Lucky Reptile Eco Bark from pine bark, which contributes to hygiene in the terrarium. Lucky Reptile Eco Bark is manufactured in a special three-stage process that completely removes dust, vermin and dirt from the bark of the pine tree.

Pine bark has a further advantage as a substrate in the terrarium - this substrate rots only very slowly and does not form mould if the terrarium is well ventilated. This allows Lucky Reptile Eco Bark to remain in the terrarium for a particularly long time before it needs to be replaced. Lucky Reptile Eco Bark is well suited as a substrate for many species of tropical reptiles such as green iguanas, water dragons, tortoises and snakes. A great terrarium substrate of the very best quality.

We offer Lucky Reptile Eco Bark Terrarium Ground in two different pack sizes

- Lucky Reptile Eco Bark, 10 litres
- Lucky Reptile Eco Bark, 20 litres

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