Lucky Reptile Earthworms, dried earthworms

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Very healthy and digestible: LUCKY REPTILE EARTHWORMS! Dried earthworms with many important nutrients for reptiles and amphibians.

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  • Die Leibspeise vieler Reptilien und Amphibien
  • Reich an wertvollen Proteinen und Mineralstoffen
  • Frei von Farb- oder Konservierungsmitteln
  • Nur Wasser hinzufügen und schon servierfertig

Lucky Reptile Earthworms - high-quality earthworms with many nutrients

Many terrarium animals cannot resist the taste of earthworms. Earthworms are on the menu of turtles, garter snakes, fire-bellied toads, horned frogs and many species of toads. No wonder, because earthworms are rich in valuable proteins and vitamins. And it definitely doesn't have to be living earthworms, as the Lucky Reptile Earthworms prove. Lucky Reptile Earthworms are dried earthworms (without any additives), which can be transformed into a fresh, natural food for reptiles and amphibians simply by adding water. Comfortable, clean, healthy and rich in valuable nutrients.

Straight feedingstuffs for reptiles and amphibians

Feeding recommendation: Feeding with tweezers is recommended. Please feed appropriately and always ensure a varied, species-appropriate diet. At least 1 - 2 days of fasting per week are generally recommended.

Composition: Dried earthworms 100%.

Analytical components: crude protein 64,4 %, fat content 6,8 %, crude fibre 3,4

Here you get 10 grams of high-quality earthworms in a practical carton.

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