Lucky Reptile Bug Stop

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Capture escaped house crickets and other insects safely and quickly? LUCKY REPTILE BUG STOP! Probably the cheapest exterminator in the world.

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  • Effektive Klebefalle mit Top-Haftkraft
  • Futterinsekten einfangen ohne giftige Chemie
  • Als Klebefalle für alle Insektenarten geeignet
  • 6-Stück-Packung Heimchenfallen zum Sparpreis

Lucky Reptile Bug Stop - the cricket trap

Many terraristic fans know the problem: One single carelessness when dealing with living food insects and one or the other specimen is already on the run. What may seem unproblematic at first, quickly develops into a real plague and the dream hobby terrarium becomes a nightmare, which in the end calls the exterminator on the plan. Don't let it get that far - cricket traps are the perfect way to catch crickets and other food insects effectively. Lucky Reptile Bug Stop is very easy to use and ensures that your own four walls are quickly free of unwanted subtenants. Whether you are plagued by crickets, cockroaches, crickets, silverfish or other refugees - Lucky Reptile's cricket glue trap is the affordable alternative to the chemical club - guaranteed.

How the Lucky Reptile Bug Stop cricket trap works:


The glue traps contain a special attractant that is irresistible to house crickets and other insects and that is also perceived over long distances. As soon as the pests get too close to the adhesive surface, the escape is over, because the adhesive strength of the Lucky Reptile Bug Stop adhesive trap is so strong that even larger food insects have no chance. Simple, effective and 100% effective.

You get 6 Lucky Reptile Bug Stop Heimchenklebefallen in one pack.

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