Large Drosophila (fruit flies), unable to fly (Drosophila hydei)

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The perfect live food for small reptiles and many amphibians: DROSOPHILA! Nutritious feed insects as breeding approach.

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  • Flugunfähige Fruchtfliegen - Füttern ohne Stress und Ärger
  • Kompletter Zuchtansatz, geniales Preis-Leistungs-Verhältnis
  • Fruchtfliegen als Lebendfutter immer tagesfrisch
  • Aus von uns kontrollierter Profizucht

Drosophila (fruit flies) - a grey in the kitchen, popular in the terrarium

Drosophila (fruit flies) enjoy an extremely bad reputation. Understandable: The little pests that are unintentionally bred in our apartments every summer can be quite annoying. When using Drosophila (fruit flies) as food insects, however, the situation is quite different. Many terrarium animals appreciate this little delicacy very much. Drosophila (fruit flies) are at the top of the diet of freshly hatched reptiles as food insects. Very gladly they are accepted also by small Geckos, Phelsumen or Anolis. Amphibians, but also dendrobats (arrow poison frogs) or show insects (praying mantises etc.) love Drosophila (fruit flies). Various fish species are successfully reared with the administration of Drosophila (fruit flies) as food insects. And best of all, so that you don't end up having to laboriously catch the Drosophila (fruit flies) again, you get a flightless variant of these food insects.

These mutations of the Drosophila (fruit flies) are food animals of the genus Drosophila melanogaster, the so-called black-bellied fruit fly, which become very large for a Drosophila (fruit fly) and thus provide a nutritious snack. Please note that the equivalent mutation Hydei can be shipped in case of very high demand. Due to the small size of the Drosophila (fruit flies) we cannot offer you these food animals counted or weighed. Instead you get a so-called breeding approach with Drosophila (fruit flies). All they have to do is assign a warm place to the feed insects. Drosophila (fruit flies) remain vital at temperatures between 22-26° C for a particularly long time. If the temperatures fall below this level, the feed insects usually stop their activity. The nutrition of the Drosophila (fruit flies) is already taken care of. The feed animals find everything they need for a healthy development in the breeding approach. You then only need to take the required amount of food insects from the box with the breeding batch. And don't worry: Due to their lack of flying ability, the Drosophila (fruit flies) can't escape you if one or the other specimen manages to escape.

Your Drosophila breeding set for feed insects is available in two different sizes - depending on your personal requirements with a volume of 0.5 or 1 litre.

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