golden flies (Lucilia sericata)

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With us always fresh daily: GOLDFLIEGEN! The ingenious and healthy live food for insect hunters among reptiles.

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  • Hochwertige Futterinsekten dank artgerechter, gesunder Fütterung
  • Verpuppte Larven: 100 % vital als Zuchtansatz für die eigene Dosierung
  • Hält den Jagdinstinkt von insektenfressenden Reptilien wach
  • Aus professioneller, kontrollierter Zucht

Gold flies - perfect food insects for insect hunters among reptiles

The Gold Fly is certainly not one of the housemates one wishes for. However, this applies only to us humans - insectivorous reptiles usually see this quite differently. Here the gold fly is a welcome food insect and unlike most people, many reptiles are virtually gifted insect catchers. Even if the "handling" of gold flies as food insects may not be unproblematic at all, reptiles benefit from gold flies in two respects: On the one hand, gold flies are nutritious and rich food insects, which ensure a healthy development of reptiles as live food, on the other hand, the flyable gold flies keep alive the hunting instinct of our reptiles. Just observe for yourself how a chameleon or a Phelsume react when such a buzz suddenly buzzes through the terrarium. If you follow certain basic principles, you can occasionally reach for these truly special food animals without any hesitation. Your reptiles will certainly thank you for this change.

Simply leave the pupated fly larvae in the box in which we deliver them to you. The dolls of the gold flies are already well nourished and need no further care. If you want to speed up the development, simply place the box with the food insects in a warm place. If you want to slow down the development so that the gold flies hatch gradually, simply choose a cooler environment. Only open the food box if you want to put the gold flies into the terrarium immediately and in close proximity to the terrarium. In this way you reduce the risk of escape for the food insects, especially as the food insects are immediately attracted by the heat in the terrarium. In this way, you avoid outbreaks of gold flies and protect your nerves.

You will receive our perfectly nourished gold flies as a breeding base in the feed insect box. Each of our boxes contains at least 150 dolls of gold flies. Like all feed insects that you buy from us, our gold flies also come from controlled breeding and are delivered fresh every day.

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