Fly larvae (larvae of the blue meat fly)

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Nutrient-rich and permanently fresh: FLIEGENLARVEN! Particularly high protein content. Also suitable as rearing food for terrarium animals.

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  • Gesunde Futterinsekten aus kontrollierter Zucht
  • Eiweißhaltiges Lebendfutter für gutes Wachstum
  • 30 Gramm beste Fliegenlarven in der praktischen Schale
  • Auch für Vögel bestens geeignet

Fly larvae - larvae of the blue meat fly as feed animals

Fly larvae are especially popular as fishing baits, but fly maggots are also used in terraristics as feed animals. Fly larvae have a very high protein content. As live food, they are not suitable for all terrarium animals, as their fat content must be taken into account. However, those who keep frogs (also arrow poison frogs) in their terrarium or want to feed spiders and insects (many Mantid species love fly larvae as food) nutrient-rich will find a nutrient-rich alternative in the fly maggots. Fly larvae are also an occasional snack for geckos or chameleons. The high-quality and vital fly larvae that you can get from us are the larvae of the blue meat fly (Calliphora erythrocephala), which is also well known in our latitudes. Often these flies are called "Brummer", which refers to the clearly audible humming sound that the blue meat fly produces when flying. Blue meat flies belong to the family of blowflies.

As with all types of fly larvae, there are some rules that make life easier when storing these larvae. If fly maggots are kept too warm, the pupation will be accelerated considerably. Keep the fly larvae in a cool place - e.g. in the vegetable compartment of the refrigerator - the pupation will be slowed down and the fly maggots can be used as live food for longer. Fly maggots can be stored for several weeks in such conditions without damaging the feed animals. It is best to keep fly larvae in their original packaging - this way you are safe from outbreaks. If you want to keep the fly larvae in a different container, make sure that the fly larvae do not find any loopholes. Fly larvae in the kitchen are truly no pleasure. Fly larvae are very popular as fishing bait and also as feed for various bird species and can be recommended without hesitation.

Our fresh and protein-rich fly larvae are available in the following package sizes:

Fly larvae - box with 30 gram larvae

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