Exo Terra Turtle Cliff Terrarium Rock

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How to make turtles happy: EXO TERRA TURTLE CLIFF! The incredible multifunctional rock for aquaterrariums and paludariums.

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  • Sehr kompakt, passt in jedes Aquaterrarium
  • Wasserfall, Sonnenplatz und Wasserfilter in einem
  • Superleichte Montage und sicher für Terrarienbewohner
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Exo Terra Turtle Cliff - the incredible multi-functional rock for aquaterrariums (paludariums)

Rarely are there accessories in the terraristics sector that can confidently be described as "ingenious". The turtle rock Exo Terra Turtle Cliff clearly belongs to this category. For every aquaterrarium (paludarium), it can be described as the famous egg laying wool milk sow, because the functions that the turtle rock integrates are impressive. At first glance just looking really good, you can only see its full potential when you look "under the hood". The technical highlight of this terrarium rock is definitely the integrated filter system. The Exo Terra Repti Clear F250 and Exo Terra Repti Clear F350 provide clean and biologically 100% healthy water. So turtles and other amphibian reptiles can feel absolutely comfortable in their skin and develop naturally in the aquaterrarium (paludarium). The Exo Terra Repti Clear filter system works perfectly and reliably. Three different filter cartridges make the difference with Exo Terra Repti Clear. Together they ensure that the water in the aquaterrarium (paludarium) is cleaned biologically, chemically and mechanically. Great detail: Each filter of this reliable 3-level filter system can be replaced individually. This keeps the water in the aquaterrarium (paludarium) in perfect condition throughout. Additional filter material can also be added to the filter chamber to further improve filter performance. A nice side effect: The filter creates a mini waterfall in the aquaterrarium (paludarium) and ensures optimum water circulation and good ventilation.

The terrarium rock is ideal for making a terrarium heater like the Exo Terra Turtle Heater "invisible". The terrarium heater simply disappears into the chamber of the Exo Terra Turtle Cliff and thus raises the optics in the aquaterrarium (paludarium) significantly. Everything looks natural and tidy - the terrarium animals in the aquaterrarium (paludarium) have much more space and a much safer terrarium environment.

The Exo Terra Turtle Cliff will be "boarded" by your turtles in no time at all and will become your new favourite place if you install a suitable terrarium lamp above the terrarium rock (preferably with a suitable proportion of vital UV-B radiation), because then your turtles will feel like in their natural habitats. If required, you can climb the rock to take a healthy sunbath. The Exo Terra Turtle Cliff can be comfortably and safely placed in a corner of the aquaterarium thanks to a straight back and side wall. This is ideal for not unnecessarily restricting the swimming area for your protégés.

However, it is definitely not only the ingenious variety of functions that makes the turtle rock the ultimate accessory for an aquaterrarium (paludarium). The rock look is so lifelike that you can hardly believe that the Exo Terra Turtle Cliff is made of robust and easy-care plastic. The Exo Terra Turtle Cliff offers the water turtles a particularly large land area for resting and sunbathing, making the turtle rock also suitable for larger turtles. The Exo Terra Turtle Cliff is almost a must-have accessory in a really good aquaterrarium (paludarium), where healthy and happy turtles are supposed to live.

The Exo Terra Turtle Cliff is available in three sizes:

Small: with filter Exo Terra Repti Clear F250 (filters 250 liters of water per hour)

Medium: with filter Exo Terra Repti Clear F250 (filters 250 liters of water per hour)

Large: with filter Exo Terra Repti Clear F350 (filters 350 liters of water per hour)

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