Exo Terra Turtle Clean

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For thorough cleanliness in the turtle pool: EXO TERRA TURTLE CLEAN! Reliable against dirt and odours.

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  • Biological! Without any chemistry and without additives
  • Builds a permanent useful flora
  • Fast and effective against dirt and odours
  • Simply pour directly into the water

Exo Terra Turtle Clean - the biological cleaner for turtle terrariums

Keeping turtles can quickly become a hygiene problem if the water in the turtle tank is not kept clean. Exo Terra Turtle Clean is an absolutely natural way to nip odours in the bud and reliably break down organic waste. It is sufficient to use Exo Terra Turtle Clean once a week.

Exo Terra Turtle Clean is 100% organic and based on beneficial bacteria that effectively contribute to the decomposition and removal of solid organic waste. These accumulate in large numbers in turtle terrariums, because in addition to food remains, excrements and skin remains, which are created during the growth of turtles in large quantities. Even the best terrarium filters are often overwhelmed here. With Exo Terra Turtle Clean, you'll get the job done quickly. The powerful, biological formula gives dirt in the terrarium no chance. By using the water purifier regularly, you build up a strong useful flora in the turtle tank, which is completely harmless to turtles, but significantly reduces organic waste. Thus the water part of the terrarium and the ground (gravel) are cleaned in a simple way. The topic of odour is also practically eliminated by the regular use of Exo Terra Turtle Clean.

Application: Always shake the Exo Terra Turtle Clean bottle well before use. Then add 5 ml of the cleaner to 38 litres of water. This dose is given once a week in the water of the turtle terrarium. This is sufficient to build up and stabilise a permanent useful flora.

Exo Terra Turtle Clear is available in 2 different bottle sizes:
- Exo Terra Turtle Clean, 120 ml
- Exo Terra Turtle Clean, 250 ml

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