Exo Terra Turtle Bank (Swimming Island)

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The new favourite place in the aquaterrarium: EXO TERRA TURTLE BANK! The ingenious swimming island for turtles and other terrarium animals.

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  • Schwimminsel passt sich automatisch dem Wasserstand an
  • Mit praktischer Magnetbefestigung
  • Lange Unterwasserrampe für einfachen Aufstieg
  • Schwimminsel in 3 Größen, für jedes Aquaterrarium geeignet

Exo Terra Turtle Bank - the ingenious swimming island for water turtles

The species-appropriate attitude of water turtles is not as difficult as one hears more frequently. Because: The art of keeping water turtles is actually only to offer the turtles living conditions in the terrarium, as they also predominate in their natural habitats. The Exo Terra Turtle Bank certainly belongs to small investments in the aquaterrarium (paludarium) that pay off immediately. A swimming island for turtles makes sense at first sight. But unfortunately there are completely unsuitable swimming islands in the accessories area which unnecessarily restrict the range of motion of water turtles. The Exo Terra Turtle Bank is completely different - a swimming island with a patented magnetic mechanism that has been thought through from front to back.

You might ask: Do I need a swimming island for my aquaterrarium (paludarium) at all? The answer in any case is yes! You should have. Because: With a swimming island in the aquaterrarium (paludarium) you create a perfect sun place for your water turtles, a small warm island, which is visited by the water turtles according to experience very gladly. If a UV surface emitter or a similarly suitable terrarium lamp is installed above the swimming island in the aquaterrarium (paludarium), you create a healthy oasis of well-being for your water turtles, which will immediately make your turtles your favourite place. This not only promotes the natural behaviour of water turtles, but also healthy development through the right dose of UV-B radiation.

What makes the Exo Terra Turtle Bank so special as a swimming island for turtles? Well, the secret of the Exo Terra Turtle Bank lies in its ingenious magnetic mechanism. This gives this perfect swimming island two clear advantages: On the one hand, the swimming island does not float uncontrolled through the aquaterrarium (paludarium) and thereby restricts the swimming possibilities of your turtles (the swimming island is held in its intended position by the magnetic mechanism) and on the other hand, the Exo Terra Turtle Bank adapts flexibly to the water level in the aquaterrarium (paludarium). This means for you as a turtle holder: You don't have to check the water level in the aquaterrarium (paludarium) every day to make sure that your turtles can actually climb the swimming island! With the Exo Terra Turtle Bank, turtles always have an easy game to play with - which we also like very much: The swimming island has an underwater ramp, which makes it even easier for turtles to access. Ingeniously thought through and practically implemented! The fact that the Exo Terra Turtle Bank is a real ornament for every aquaterrarium (paludarium) due to its nature-identical, beautiful appearance does not need any special mention - here we like to let the pictures speak for themselves.

The ingenious Exo Terra Turtle Bank is available in three different sizes - depending on the size and weight of your turtles you will always find the right sized swimming island for your aquaterrarium (paludarium). We also have the right solution for larger turtles:

Exo Terra Turtle Bench small: approx. 17 cm x 12.5 cm x 3.5 cm with a carrying capacity of up to 75 grams - perfect for young animals
Exo Terra Turtle Bench medium: approx. 30 cm x 18 cm x 5.5 cm with a carrying capacity of up to approx. 380 grams
Exo Terra Turtle Bench large: approx. 41 cm x 24.0 cm x 7.0 cm with a carrying capacity of up to approx. 1.4 kg and therefore ideal for large water turtles

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