Exo Terra Tortoise Cave - the big turtle cave with great optics

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Really big and with a totally natural look: EXO TERRA TORTOISE CAVE! Ideal hiding place for tortoises.

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  • Große Terrarienhöhle mit besonders breitem Eingang
  • Top dekorativ durch absolut realistische Kieseloptik
  • Leicht zu reinigen, für optimale Terrarienhygiene
  • Sieht in jeder Terrarienumgebung gut aus
  • Großes Platzangebot - Maße: 35 cm x 27,5 cm x 18 cm

Exo Terra Tortoise Cave - large terrarium cave for tortoises

Terrarium caves can be found in a wide range of terrarium accessories, but a cave specially designed for turtles such as the Exo Terra Tortoise Cave is a rare sight. This of course has to do with the sheer size, because turtles simply need more space to "manoeuvre". This is why the entrance to the Exo Terra Tortoise Cave Turtle Cave has been designed to be particularly spacious, so that your turtles will have no problem hiding in their hiding place. This means that the Exo Terra Tortoise Cave Turtle Cave is quickly accepted by terrarium animals and quickly becomes their favourite place when it gets a little more stressful around the terrarium. Many turtles also like to use the spacious terrarium cave as a safe place to sleep.

In general, you should always pay attention to the possibility of retreat when keeping reptiles in terrariums. Their protégés are "de-stressed", which is beneficial to their appetite and natural development. And also the mostly humid microclimate in a terrarium cave like the Exo Terra Tortoise Cave promotes the health of your turtles. In that sense, you're killing two birds with one stone. If you look at it closely, there are even three, because the Exo Terra Tortoise Cave Turtle Cave is also a real optical gain for the terrarium. Here Exo Terra relies on a beautiful, natural pebble design that fits almost any terrarium interior. Thus this voluminous terrarium cave looks absolutely authentic. Exo Terra Tortoise Cave is also very easy to clean (perfect for terrarium hygiene) and the extra large and heavy design ensures that the turtle cave is always stable and cannot simply be tilted over by terrarium animals.

Exo Terra Tortoise Cave has the following dimensions: Width 35 cm, depth 27.5 cm, height 18 cm - the entrance is approx. 23 cm wide.

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