Exo Terra Thermostat (100 watts/300 watts)

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Reliable, affordable, high quality: EXO TERRA THERMOSTAT The alternative for terrarium thermostats - in proven Exo Terra Quality.

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  • For exact temperature control in the terrarium
  • Controls terrarium temperature between 20 and 35° C
  • Equipped with waterproof 185 cm distance sensor (perfect for wet terrariums)
  • Reliable control of heating elements up to 100 or 300 watts
  • Dimensions: 80 mm (W) x 80 mm (D) x 42 mm (H)

Exo Terra Thermostat (100 watts/300 watts) - the low-priced and reliable terrarium thermostat

Most reptile owners know this anyway: reptiles are ectothermic creatures and as such they need heat from external sources to regulate their body temperature optimally. In nature, reptiles have the heat of the sun as well as the warmth of objects and surfaces that have been heated by the sun rays, e.g. branches, rocks or other structures that absorb and store heat. If you want to keep reptiles successfully and in a species-appropriate manner, it is essential to ensure a corresponding temperature gradient in the terrarium and the Exo Terra Thermostat is the ideal basis for this.

The Exo Terra Thermostat is the perfect control unit to reliably maintain the temperature conditions in the terrarium at a level where reptiles from a variety of climates feel particularly comfortable, no matter if they come from tropical rainforests or desert areas. With the Exo Terra thermostat you can prevent overheating of your reptiles on hot summer days as well as hypothermia during the winter period. The Exo Terra thermostat is equipped with a high-quality triac switch which ensures that the temperature in the terrarium is kept exactly at the set value - thus avoiding any temperature fluctuation.

No matter with which heating element you work in your terrarium - heating cable, substrate heating, heating mat, ceramic heater, etc. - you can use the thermostat for your terrarium. The Exo Terra Thermostat is compatible with all heating media. Simply connect the heating element to the Exo Terra Thermostat, set the desired temperature and place the heat sensor (length of sensor cable: 185 cm) in a suitable place in the terrarium. The sensor can also easily be used in humid terrarium environments, e.g. in rain forest terrariums. The red LED heat indicator shows you at a glance if the corresponding heater is currently in operation. The connected heater switches off as soon as the desired temperature has been reached. The Exo Terra Thermostat has a thermostat switch embedded in the housing. This effectively prevents accidental changes to the temperature settings.

Your Exo Terra Thermostat has a 90 cm power cable. The supply cable to the integrated socket has a length of 90 cm too. The Exo Terra Thermostat housing has the following dimensions: 80 mm (W) x 80 mm (D) x 42 mm (H).

Always set the temperature on the Exo Terra Thermostat to suit the needs of your terrarium animals - in case of doubt, inform yourself beforehand about the correct temperature. Use the Exo Terra Thermostat only with heaters that do not exceed the power rating of the thermostat, i.e. no more than 100 or 300 watts - depending on the version. Damage caused by improper use is not covered by the warranty.

You receive your Exo Terra Thermostat either with 100 watts or 300 watts. Simply select the desired variant from the drop-down menu.

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