Exo Terra Spider Orchid

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With built-in WOW effect EXO TERRA SPIDER-ORCHID! The especially noble terrarium plant.

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  • Sieht echten Orchideen zum Verwechseln ähnlich
  • Besonders schöne Blüten - 40 cm Höhe
  • Ideal mit anderen Terrarienpflanzen kombinierbar
  • Absolut pflegeleicht - kein Vertrocknen oder Absterben von Blättern

Exo Terra spider orchid - large, realistic terrarium plant

Orchids are beautiful, decorative plants. With our Exo Terra Spider Orchid you can get these orchids into your terrarium - and all that without much effort! While real orchids captivate especially in autumn with their impressive flowers, the Exo Terra Spider Orchid decorates your terrarium all year round in full bloom. The artificial plant is hardly distinguishable from the real orchid; a very special terrarium plant from Exo Terra. Even if the Exo Terra Spider Orchid is a real eye-catcher in itself, the rainforest plant only really takes effect when you combine it with other terrarium plants. Especially decorations consisting of the Exo Terra Spider Orchid and the Exo Terra Flamingoblume, complemented by some green plants will make your terrarium an eye-catcher for observers. And by the way to a perfect home for reptiles, which can hardly be surpassed in naturalness. Don't worry, even in lush greenery you won't lose sight of the Exo Terra spider orchid, the height of approx. 40 cm alone ensures that. Of course, the Exo Terra spider orchid is equipped with a stand base in the typical Exo Terra design. It offers a secure hold, even if your reptiles in the terrarium are really going to let off steam. Is there anything that the Exo Terra Spider Orchid hasn't thought of? Real orchid scent maybe? Hardly - there is simply nothing left to improve here. Neither for your reptiles nor for the optics of your terrarium, the spider orchid is simply perfect all around. Typical Exo Terra.

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