Exo Terra Rain Forest substrate

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High-quality substrate for your rainforest terrarium: EXO TERRA RAIN FOREST! Completely natural substrate for ideal terrarium hygiene

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  • Perfekte Mischung aus Torfmoos und Kiefernrinde. 100 % natürlich
  • Perfekt für Regenwald- und Feuchtterrarien
  • Neue verbesserte Rezeptur
  • Bindet Gerüche im Terrarium zuverlässig, wirkt antibakteriell
  • Reguliert die Luftfeuchtigkeit im Terrarium
  • Wärmebehandelt und frei von Ungeziefer oder chemischen Zusätzen

Exo Terra Rain Forest substrate - absolutely natural rainforest substrate for terrariums

Especially for tropical terrariums the choice of the right substrate is a key factor for the health of reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates. Rainforest dwellers and terrarium plants place special demands on the humidity and Exo Terra Rain Forest substrate plays a special role in the optimal climate control of your terrarium. What's the matter with you? Quite simple: In tropical rain forests, the natural forest soil can store large amounts of moisture, which is then gradually released. Thus the humidity always remains at a regulated level, which is of elementary importance for rainforest-dwelling creatures. In the terrarium, this task is perfectly performed by Exo Terra Rain Forest Bodengrund.

Exo Terra Rain Forest soil has these hygroscopic properties because an optimum mixing ratio has been found between high-quality peat moss and the bark particles from maritime pine. As a result, Exo Terra Rain Forest substrate has a whole range of valuable properties: Good humidity values support your terrarium animals effectively in moulting and infections of the respiratory tract are prevented. Due to the ideal size and shape of the pine bark particles, combined with pure peat moss, a more frequent watering of your terrarium plants is possible. The substrate is excellently aerated (no mould formation) and the natural growth of the roots is promoted. Not to be underestimated and a valuable contribution to terrarium hygiene: Exo Terra Rain Forest substrate has been carefully heat-treated to prevent the spread of bacteria in the terrarium. A pleasant side effect is that in the terrarium also much fewer smells are formed.

Exo Terra uses only natural ingredients of high purity in the production of Rain Forest Bodengrund. The substrate is dust-free and no chemical additives are used - in the interest of the health of your terrarium protectionists. Exo Terra Rain Forest Substrate is not only a healthy solution - it also impresses with its particularly attractive and natural appearance.

And so you use Exo Terra Rain Forest substrate properly:

Spread a 5-10 cm thick layer of Exo Terra Rain Forest directly on the clean terrarium floor. If necessary, moisten the substrate so that the individually required level of humidity is reached. We recommend the use of a hygrometer to control the humidity in the terrarium. If your terrarium animals need an extremely high air humidity, the use of a substrate heating under the terrarium is helpful. Soiled substrate should be removed daily. If necessary and in case of heavy soiling, the substrate should be completely replaced.

You can obtain Exo Terra Rain Forest Base Primer from us in bags of 8.8 or 26.4 litres. Please select the desired variant from the dropdown menu above.

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