Exo Terra Plantation Soil Brick - tropical terrarium substrate

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Natural plantation soil from coconut fibres: EXO TERRA PLANTATION SOIL BRICK! Rich substrate in brick form. Also suitable for terrarium plants.

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  • Terrariensubstrat aus echter Kokosfaser
  • Erhöht die Luftfeuchtigkeit im Terrarium
  • Ergibt über 8 Liter frisches Substrat
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Exo Terra Plantation Soil Brick - Coconut fibre terrarium substrate

Exo Terra Plantation Soil is a real alternative for tropical terrariums. This terrarium base is available in a compact brick form - so the base can be stored in a space-saving way. The Exo Terra Plantation Soil Bricks can be easily transformed into a high-quality substrate for the terrarium. Simply place the bricks in a sufficiently large container with about 3 litres of fresh water and allow Exo Terra Plantation Soil Bricks to swell for about 30 minutes. Now mix well and in no time at all you will receive approx. 8.8 litres of natural substrate for your terrarium.

Exo Terra Plantation Soil is a purely ecological substrate, as it is very often used on the plantations of Southeast Asia. This soil substrate is indeed pure nature, because it consists exclusively of coconut fibres. The fibres naturally increase the humidity in the terrarium. This results in ideal housing conditions for many species of reptiles and amphibians whose natural habitats lie in rainforest areas. Exo Terra Plantation Soil is also ideal for gravelly species. Frogs and salamanders can be kept safely on this substrate and they like to use the loose ground to hide from stress. As Exo Terra Plantation Soil has a strong moisture-binding effect, it is also a great brood substrate and excellent for laying eggs. Last but not least, many terrarium plants also benefit from this natural substrate. They thrive on Exo Terra Plantation Soil really splendid.

Exo Terra Plantantation Soil Bricks are available in two practical package sizes:

- Plantantation Soil Brick as 1 brick
- Plantantation Soil Brick as a cheap 3 pack with 3 bricks

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