Exo Terra Multivitamin Powder Supplement

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Pure health: EXO TERRA MULTIVITAMIN POWDER ADDITIVE! Perfect mixture of all vitamins, amino acids, trace elements and minerals - especially for reptiles.

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  • Hochwertige Zutaten für ein gesundes Reptilienleben
  • Alles drin: Vitamine, Mineralien, Aminosäuren und Spurenelemente
  • Für alle Arten von Reptilien und Amphibien
  • Fördert gesundes Wachstum und die Reproduktion - ideal für Züchter

Exo Terra Multivitamin - especially for reptiles and amphibians kept in terrariums

Multivitamin by Exo Terra is a special multivitamin powder additive developed for reptiles and amphibians. Exo Terra Multivitamin has been developed with one thing in mind: high quality ingredients and a perfect blend specifically designed to meet the needs of reptiles and amphibians. The result is a perfect multivitamin preparation that is ideal for herbivores as well as carnivorous and insectivorous reptiles and amphibians.

Why do we need multivitamin and other nutritional supplements at all?

Reptiles and amphibians living in terrariums can never be fed exactly the food they get in the wild. For this reason, they also cannot consume the necessary vitamins, trace elements and minerals. That's where Exo Terra Multivitamin comes in. It supplements the food of terrarium animals with all important vitamins, minerals, trace elements and amino acids. And in exactly the right proportion. Exo Terra Multivitamin ensures healthy growth and the maintenance of vital bodily functions in reptiles and amphibians. The general fitness is strengthened as well as the immune system and reproduction. This is one of the reasons why many terrarium breeders in particular rely on Exo Terra Multivitamin - everything is in here. As with all multivitamin preparations, only the calcium supply must be carried out separately. We recommend the combination of Exo Terra Mulitvitamin with Exo Terra Calcium or Calcium + D3

And how exactly do you use Exo Terra Multivitamin?

For vegetables or fruits, mix half a tablespoon of Exo Terra Multivitamin with half a tablespoon of Exo Terra Calcium or Calcium + D3 with 500 g of food. It is important for all terrarium animals that sufficient fresh drinking water is always provided with the food.

For food insects you should mix Exo Terra Multivitamin and Calcium or Calcium + D3 1 : 1 and then dust the insects with this finished mixture each time the terrarium animals are fed.

Ingredients and additives:
Dried seaweed, dry yeast, ground oyster shells, dextrose, salt, calcium carbonate. Contains additives authorised in the EU.

Typical analysis (EU):
Protein 20 %, oils and fats 1.2 %, fibres 4 %, ash 9 %, copper (as copper sulphate) 2,5 mg/kg.

Vitamine content:
Vitamin A 90,000 mcg, vitamin D3 22,000 I.U./kg, vitamin E 100 mg/kg. The vitamin content is guaranteed until the best before date. Best before date and batch number: see bottom.

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