Exo Terra Jungle Plant Ficus

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Perfectly reproduced terrarium plant: EXO TERRA JUNGLE PLANT FICUS! Optically top and elaborately finished.

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  • Erhöht die Luftfeuchtigkeit und verbessert damit das Klima im Terrarium
  • Perfekt in Verarbeitung und Design
  • Wird von Reptilien gerne als Versteckmöglichkeit genutzt
  • Realistische Nachbildung der Ficus-Pflanze
  • Bis zu 70 cm Höhe - auch für große Terrarien ideal

Exo Terra Jungle Plant Ficus - elaborately processed terrarium plant

The Exo Terra Jungle Plant Ficus is an especially elaborately processed and high-quality silk plant for the terrarium. The large, closely spaced leaves of the Exo Terra jungle plant Ficus are ideal for reptiles as they can hide under this canopy. Furthermore, droplets collect on these leaves by moistening the whole terrarium instead of seeping away immediately. The Exo Terra jungle plant Ficus has a positive effect on the air humidity and thus on the entire climate in the terrarium. The leaves of the artificial plant are easy to clean due to their size and texture.

Ficus is the Latin technical term for "fig". The figs are diverse tropical plants that can occur in over 900 tree, shrub or climbing plant variations. They belong to the mulberry family. The best known is certainly the real fig (Ficus carica), whose fruit is considered a delicacy. But the ficus has also established itself in our latitudes for decorative purposes, for example the ficus benjamini, a popular houseplant. With the Exo Terra jungle plant Ficus you can also continue this decoration trend in your terrarium. And so that you can be particularly flexible with your decoration ideas, the Exo Terra jungle plant Ficus is available in three different sizes.

You get the beautiful Ficus for your terrarium in these sizes:

Exo Terra Jungle Plant Ficus, small: approx. 45 cm
Exo Terra Jungle Plant Ficus, medium: approx. 55 cm
Exo Terra Jungle Plant Ficus, large: approx. 70 cm

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