Exo Terra Jungle Earth

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For cleanliness and a perfect terrarium climate: EXO TERRA JUNGLE EARTH! Binds odours effectively and reliably.

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  • Speichert Feuchtigkeit und verbessert damit das Terrarienklima
  • Dient Reptilien zum Graben und Verstecken
  • Guter Bodengrund für echte Terrarienpflanzen
  • Bindet unangenehme Gerüche und Ausscheidungen

Exo Terra Jungle Earth - natural substrate for reptiles

With Exo Terra Jungle Earth you get a pure natural substrate completely without artificial additives. This makes the substrate an ideal bedding in the terrarium, which is guaranteed non-toxic for your reptiles. Exo Terra Jungle Earth is particularly suitable for wet terrariums due to its special ability to store moisture. Reptiles will love the moist substrate and give in to their natural impulse of digging and hiding in the ground. Exo Terra Jungle Earth substrate is therefore not only good for the terrarium climate, but also helps reptiles to create a species-appropriate terrarium. Another indicator of its naturalness is that Exo Terra Jungle Earth is also a wonderful substrate for terrarium plants, in which the plants can root and grow. Because Exo Terra Jungle Earth Jungle Earth contains a lot of minerals that supply the plant and let it grow. Whether you plant the substrate or leave it entirely to the reptiles, Exo Terra Jungle Earth Substrate binds odors and keeps the terrarium odorless. The Exo Terra Jungle Earth bedding is particularly popular with snakes, water dragons or iguanas.

Our recommendation: The Exo-Terra-Jungle-Earth layer should be 5-10 cm high in the terrarium. Depending on the fill, you should change the complete bedding about every four months. This prevents germ formation and thus prevents diseases of terrarium animals and plants. For your different needs we offer Exo Terra Jungle Earth in three different package sizes.

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