Exo Terra Infrared Thermometer

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Extremely practical and impressively accurate: EXO TERRA INFRARED THERMOMETER! Handy design for fast and convenient measurement.

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  • Sofortige Temperaturmessung an sämtlichen Oberflächen und Gegenständen
  • Blitzschnelle Messung einfach per Knopfdruck
  • Ideal für präzise Messungen an Sonnenplätzen und in Inkubatoren
  • Großes, leicht ablesbares Display
  • Batterien bereits im Lieferumfang

Exo Terra Infrared Thermometer - the handy, simple precision thermometer

With the high-quality Exo Terra infrared thermometer, you get a pocket-sized, lightweight thermometer that allows you to instantly measure all kinds of surfaces and objects. To do this, hold your Exo Terra infrared thermometer directly against the object and press the measuring button on your thermometer. Immediately afterwards you will see the temperature on the large digital display. The thermometer is particularly suitable if you want to measure the exact temperature at sunny places, in incubators, brood substrates or in terrarium caves. Of course, you can also use the Exo Terra infrared thermometer to determine overwintering temperatures and even the body temperature of terrarium animals.

You can also use the Exo Terra thermometer to measure temperatures in the great outdoors while you are exploring, for example. It can be easily stowed in the bag and also has a practical strap. You want to check a temperature curve in the terrarium? Nothing easier than that! The Exo Terra infrared thermometer measures the ambient temperature as long as you press the measuring button. If the measuring button is released, the display always shows the last measured temperature. Especially practical: A small LED light spot ensures that you measure exactly at the location you have selected and shows the exact diameter of the surface you have inspected. The light also helps you to measure in places that would otherwise be difficult to measure because it is dark there, e.g. the interior of terrarium caves or places behind branches or below small mounds of soil or leaves.

With the Exo Terra infrared thermometer, you get a real measuring all-rounder that will be very useful both indoors and out. The matching batteries are included - you can start right away.

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