Exo Terra Grasshoppers (grasshoppers)

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Genuine locusts as food insects: EXO TERRA GRASSHOPPERS! Fresh from the can with full taste and nutritional value.

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  • Heuschrecken aus der Dose. Immer verfügbar, immer griffbereit und extrem lange haltbar
  • 100%iger Nährstoffgehalt wie bei lebenden Heuschrecken
  • Keine Farbstoffe, Aromen oder sonstigen Zusätze
  • Bessere Verwertbarkeit kollagener Eiweiße als bei lebenden Heuschrecken

Exo Terra Grasshoppers - Grasshoppers as feed animals

Exo Terra Grasshoppers are a new generation of high nutritional canned food designed specifically for reptiles. Can of food insects? But of course, with Exo Terra Grasshoppers, Exo Terra has managed to process real grasshoppers as if they were alive. The Exo Terra Grasshoppers are gently cooked and immediately tinned. The advantage for the terrarium keeper: you always have a full meal available for your reptiles. This makes the Exo Terra Grasshoppers the perfect emergency supply when you need to go fast or there are no live food insects available. And for the holiday care of reptiles, the locusts of Exo Terra are ideal anyway. After all, not everyone can be expected to handle live feed animals. We therefore recommend that you always have a few cans of Exo Terra Grasshoppers in stock for emergencies. As is usual with canned foods, the shelf life of this reptile food is also particularly long.

Fast food from a can for reptiles - that can only be unhealthy! Far from it, because Exo Terra placed great value on the development of canned food for reptiles: The canned food insects should be at least as nutritious and healthy as real live locusts. You'll find it hard to believe, but that goal has been surpassed! Thanks to the special cooking process, all nutrients, vitamins and minerals and even the taste in Exo Terra locusts are 100% preserved. What is more, the cooking process softens the chitin shell of the feed insects, making them much more digestible and digestible than live locusts. During cooking, the collagen of the insect shell is split and can be absorbed much more easily by reptiles. Collagen is very important for all reptiles for the formation of bones, skin and cartilage and of course the claws and toes. Exo Terra Grasshoppers are as rich and nutritious as live locusts and thanks to the better collagen availability they are even a little more valuable for the healthy nutrition of your reptiles.

Exo Terra Grasshoppers are available in a practical box with a lid and 34 grams of delicious grasshoppers.

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