Exo Terra Full Moon

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Now the moon rises in the terrarium: EXO TERRA FULL MOON! A great idea and a beautiful night light with low power consumption.

Only suitable for additional supply (UV/heat) for pets. This illuminant is not suitable for room lighting in the household.

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  • Entspricht der Optik eines echten Vollmondes
  • Verbraucht nur 1 Watt
  • Problemlose Installation per Magnet
  • Schaltet sich per Lichtsensor selbst ein

Exo Terra Full Moon - the special night light for your terrarium

This is new and not only visually an incredibly beautiful piece of terrarium technology. Just let the moon rise with the Exo Terra Full Moon in the terrarium. This way you get the perfect night lighting and offer your terrarium animals a unique light source in the terrarium, which corresponds to the night light in their natural habitats. And the Exo Terra full moon is a round thing in the sense of the word. Especially twilight and nocturnal reptiles love this kind of lighting, because it helps many species to find their way better in the nocturnal terrarium. This makes it much easier for the animals to search for insects or to look for a partner, just as they would in the open air.

Technically, the Exo Terra Full Moon is cleverly designed: A built-in sensor ensures that the Exo Terra Full Moon is automatically switched on when the terrarium lighting goes out. Thus, inside the terrarium, the impression is created that the moon is in the sky. The fact that the surface of the night lighting shows craters, as known from the real moon, contributes to the realistic appearance. The Exo Terra full moon radiates very little heat, so that the temperature gradient in the terrarium is not disturbed. In addition, this great terrarium night lighting is incredibly economical and consumes only 1 watt. A strong magnet on the back of the terrarium light ensures a secure hold: You can easily attach the Exo Terra Full Moon to the inside of the net grid cover of your terrarium.

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