Exo Terra Forest Moss - natural forest moss for terrariums

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Genuine forest moss for wet terrariums : EXO TERRA FOREST MOSS! Perfect, natural substrate without chemical additives.

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  • Absolut natürliches Waldmoos ohne Zusätze
  • Reguliert effektiv die Luftfeuchtigkeit im Terrarium
  • Zwei Ziegel für ca. 14 Liter Terrarienmoos
  • Hochwertiges Moss im Doppelpack zum Niedrigpreis

Exo Terra Forest Moss - real forest moss for wet terrariums

Exo Terra Forest Moss is a very special substrate for your terrarium. As the name suggests, Exo Terra Forest Moss is a pressed, natural forest moss that comes in a practical brick shape. This saves a lot of space in the accommodation and you always have fresh ground at hand as needed. Simply put a moss brick in a suitable container, pour a litre of water over it and for about 15 minutes you will have about 7 litres of fresh, wonderfully fragrant forest moss. Exo Terra Forest Moss is completely free of pollutants or chemical additives, making it an ideal, environmentally friendly substrate for the terrarium.

If you want to increase the humidity in the terrarium, the Exo Terra Forest Moss is an ideal alternative. Due to the high moisture binding, the forest moss also provides a very good breeding substrate for the incubation of reptile eggs. Because Exo Terra Forest Moss is very absorbent, it is ideal for padding caves and other reptile hiding places. The substrate is the right choice for keeping frogs, salamanders and other terrarium animals that like to dig themselves in and hide. Pure nature, healthy for reptiles and amphibians - the perfect substrate for wet terrariums.

Exo Terra Forest Moss is always available from us in a particularly inexpensive double pack.

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