Exo Terra Flamingo Flower

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Confess your colour: The EXO TERRA FLAMINGOBLUME! It optically spices up every terrarium - guaranteed.

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  • Tolle Farben, schöner Dekoeffekt
  • Reptilien finden Zuflucht unter den Blättern
  • Blickfang durch 30 cm Höhe, Form und Farbe
  • Leicht zu säubernde Kunstpflanze

Exo Terra Flamingoblume - a colourful change from the terrarium green

Of course there should be a lot of green in a rainforest terrarium. Nevertheless, you shouldn't miss out on one or two spots of colour - the Exo Terra Flamingo Flower is the perfect choice. The flamingo flower is one of the most popular indoor plants, so why not use it in your terrarium for reptiles? Our Exo Terra Flamingoblume is almost a 1:1 copy of the original and even for experienced botanists not immediately recognizable as fake. With a size of over 30 cm it adorns every terrarium. Very special effects are achieved when the Exo Terra Flamingo Flower is combined with other terrarium plants. Add the Exo Terra Flamingo Flower to create a dense, realistic and non-dominant jungle landscape in the terrarium. Your reptiles will thank you for it: they like to use the Exo Terra Flamingo Flower in search of shade or when they want to retreat. Since Exo Terra Flamingo Flower is easy to clean, there are no hygienic concerns about bringing this artificial flower into contact with reptiles. The Exo Terra Flamingo Flower combines visual and practical benefits, making this artificial plant an indispensable terrarium plant. Of course, this terrarium plant from Exo Terra has also been designed with a safe stand base in Exo Terra design to protect reptiles from falling over in the terrarium. By the way, the base also looks very realistic thanks to the rock design. A terrarium plant for reptiles and terrarium animals can hardly be more perfect.

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