Desert locusts in a can (Schistocerca gregaria)

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Vital food insects for healthy reptiles: DESERT LOCUSTS IN A CAN! Rich in important nutrients.

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  • Kerngesunde Wüstenheuschrecken für alle Insektenfresser
  • Futterinsekten zu echten Sparpreisen
  • Perfekte Snacks für Reptilien. Mit wichtigen Vitaminen und Mineralstoffen
  • Nur von den besten Insektenzüchtern

Desert locusts in cans - healthy food insects

Locusts belong to the absolute stars among the food insects for the terrarium. And there is a reason for this, because locusts are the real giants of food insects. Especially larger insectivorous reptiles love locusts, and locusts are a true source of important nutrients for reptiles as feed animals. But: grasshoppers are not just grasshoppers and there are also differences between these food insects. Above all the desert locust (Schistocerca gregaria), which stands out as a giant even among the locusts. Adult female desert locusts reach a sensational length of 70 mm. Here no other food insect comes along and used as food animals, the desert locusts are more than just a small bite. However, desert locusts are usually also significantly more expensive than other locusts or other food insects, because: Desert locusts reproduce much more slowly and do not grow as fast as many other species of locusts. Desert locusts can and should be kept in a separate terrarium with a heat lamp if they are to be kept for a longer period of time. If you keep large insect-eating reptiles in your terrarium, you cannot avoid desert locusts. Desert locusts are particularly popular as food-animals with monitors, chameleons or adult bearded dragons.

A big advantage when using desert locusts as feed animals: Medium and subadult desert locusts have fascinating colours that glow intensely. You can watch it yourself: The colour of these desert locusts seems to stimulate the hunting instinct of many reptiles, which is why desert locusts are eaten particularly greedily. The colour of desert locusts only begins to fade slowly in adult food insects.

What advantages can you expect from our desert locusts? The reptile cosmos always offers you high-quality and healthy feed animals that have been perfectly fed and kept. Also our desert locusts are no exception here. So you get 100% vital desert locusts from us that are rich in minerals and vitamins - perfect food for your reptiles! You will always receive our desert locusts fresh every day. If you want to stock up on desert locusts, we recommend the use of our wheat bran for feed insects. In addition, offer the feed animals a little untreated green fodder: This ensures that your feed insects are always well cared for and well nourished! So your reptiles always get healthy food animals.

We offer desert locusts in different sizes (development stages). So choose the size of feed insects that best suits your reptiles according to your needs.

- Desert locusts large: approx. 9 locusts, 65 - 75 mm body length
- Desert locusts subadult: also known as v.d.l.H. (before the last moult), approx. 11 locusts, 45 - 60 mm body length
- Desert locusts medium: approx. 13 locusts, 30 - 40 mm body length
- Desert locusts small: approx. 17 locusts, about 10 mm body length


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