Arcadia T5 reflector

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Increase the light output of your T5 terrarium tubes massively: ARCADIA T5 REFLECTOR! Available for different fluorescent tube sizes.

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  • Top Reflektor aus bestem poliertem Aluminium
  • Erhöht die Lichtleistung um bis zu 100 % und spart so jede Menge Strom!
  • Inklusive praktischer Einbau-Clips aus Edelstahl
  • In 3 verschiedenen Größen
  • Inklusive komplettem Montagematerial

Arcadia T5 reflector - powerful reflector for T5 fluorescent tubes

T5 fluorescent tubes are extremely popular in terraristics due to their high efficiency and strong light output. But as you know, you can also improve good things and that's where the Arcadia T5 reflector comes into play. With this incredibly high-quality reflector for T5 terrarium tubes you increase the output of light and UV radiation by up to 100%. For example, you can establish a reptile-friendly sun zone in the terrarium. Due to the design of fluorescent tubes, a large part of the light produced is lost simply because it is radiated to the terrarium ceiling and to the sides. The Arcadia T5 reflector effectively prevents this and emits this light directly into the terrarium. The Arcadia T5 reflector is made of high-quality, polished aluminium, which is completely insensitive to corrosion. Thus the use in humid terrarium environments is also no problem.

And the installation of the Arcadia T5 reflector is really child's play. The matching T5 stainless steel clips are included and with these little helpers you can attach the reflector and the T5 fluorescent tube easily and safely to the terrarium ceiling.


The Arcadia T5 reflector is available in 3 different sizes to match your T5 fluorescent tubes:

For 24 Watt, 550 mm T5 tubes
For 39 Watt, 850 mm T5 tubes
For 54 Watt, 1150 mm T5 tubes

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