Nekton Rep-Calcium+D3

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Optimal for healthy bone formation: NEKTON REP-CALCIUM+D3! Developed according to the latest scientific findings.

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  • Perfekt auf die Bedürfnisse von Reptilien und Amphibien abgestimmt
  • Beste Zutaten und schonendes Fertigungsverfahren
  • Fördert den Knochenbau bei Reptilien und Amphibien optimal
  • Der praktische Nekton Multi-Rep Dosierlöffel ist mit dabei

Nekton Rep-Calcium+D3 - for healthy bone structure of reptiles and amphibians

Nekton Rep-Calcium+D3 is certainly the right choice when it comes to the healthy development of the skeleton of reptiles and amphibians. Nekton Rep-Calcium+D3 supports optimal bone structure and keeps the skeleton permanently healthy. Unfortunately, calcium deficiency is still one of the main causes of bone damage in amphibians or softening of bones and tanks in reptiles. The solution is so simple: Put Nekton Rep-Calcium+D3 under the food and your terrarium animals are protected and can develop healthy.

Nekton Rep-Calcium+D3 is especially balanced and very effective. Enriched with important vitamin D3 and two amino acids, Nekton Rep-Calcium+D3 contains everything necessary for a healthy bone structure. This combination promotes optimal calcium metabolism in reptiles and amphibians. This prevents calcium deficiency in the first place and dangerous secondary diseases are no longer an issue. Simply mix Nekton Rep-Calcium+D3 into the daily food of your terrarium protectionists. Insect-eating reptiles or amphibians can also be well cared for: dust feed insects and other feed animals with Nekton Rep-Calcium+D3.

The dosage of Nekton Rep-Calcium+D3 is by the way very easy, because you receive the high-quality preparation together with a feeding instruction and the practical Nekton dosage spoon. Leading growers have long recognized the efficacy of Nekton Rep-Calcium+D3 and Nekton products have long enjoyed a first class reputation with professionals. Discover with Nekton Rep-Calcium+D3 how easy it is to feed reptiles and amphibians in a healthy and species-appropriate way.

Feed supplement for reptiles with vitamin D3 and 2 amino acids

Composition: Calcium carbonate, magnesium carbonate

Analytical components: Approx. 37 %, Mg 0.02 %, Na 0.02 %

Nutritional additives per kg: 50,000 I.E. vitamin D3, 600 mg iron (ferrous (II) sulphate), 250 mg zinc (zinc sulphate), 250 mg manganese (manganese oxide), 155 mg copper (copper (II) sulphate), 20 mg iodine (calcium iodate), 8 mg cobalt (cobalt (II) carbonate), 16 mg selenium (sodium selenite)

We offer Nekton Rep-Calcium+D3 for reptiles and amphibians in different packaging sizes:
Nekton Rep-Calcium+D3, 35 grams
Nekton Rep-Calcium+D3, 75 grams

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