Lucky Reptile Herp Pottery

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Makes terrarium sand graveable: LUCKY REPTILE HERP POTTERY! Special clay substrate that makes the substrate hard.

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  • Je nach Mischung wird leicht grabfähiger bis steinharter Bodengrund erzeugt
  • Staubarmes Substrat, gesundheitlich unbedenklich
  • Einfach untermischen, anfeuchten, fertig
  • Für jede Art Terrariensand und Terrarienerde verwendbar

Lucky Reptile Herp Pottery clay substrate for mixing with sand and other substrate

Many reptiles and other terrarium inhabitants dig in vain in the ground. As soon as the cave is finished, it collapses. Lucky Reptile Herp Pottery, which is simply mixed under the sand, provides a remedy. Clay and loam have long been used in terrariums to make sand and soil diggable. The disadvantage of clay powder is that it is extremely dusty and damages the lungs of reptiles. Not so Lucky Reptile Herp Pottery, which is a special, low-dust clay substrate. With Herp Pottery, terrarium sand or soil can be solidified to such an extent that even entire landscapes can be modelled in the terrarium. And reptiles, tarantulas and other terrarium dwellers can build their caves and passages in this solid ground to their heart's content and develop their habitual behaviour as if in the wild.

How to apply Herp Pottery clay substrate?

Very simple: you can mix Lucky Reptile Herp Pottery either dry or wet under the soil substrate. A mixing ratio of 1 kg Herp Pottery to 4 kg substrate is ideal to strengthen it and make it suitable for digging. Of course, you can vary this mixing ratio to achieve even greater hardness. In the case of dry mixing, Herp Pottery must be mixed very well with the sand or soil and watered. When the clay dries out, it hardens the soil. The simpler thing here is clearly the moist mixing. Simply dissolve 1 kg of Lucky Reptile Herp Pottery in 500 ml of water. This mixture of clay and water is then applied to the substrate to be hardened. Mix well and model as desired. In the following drying process the substrate solidifies in the terrarium. The moist mixing of Herp Pottery usually results in a more homogeneous and harder drying of the substrate.

Contents: 2.5 kg in a practical, resealable bag.

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