Exo Terra Terrarium (Glass Terrarium)

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Terraristics simply cheaper: EXO TERRA TERRARIUM! The top-quality glass terrarium at a sensational price.

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  • Nach außen öffnende Terrarientüren mit spezieller Sicherheitsverriegelung
  • Wunderschöne Terrarienrückwand im attraktiven Felsdesign
  • Glasterrarium in 7 verschiedenen Größen erhältlich
  • Perfekte Exo-Terra-Qualität zum Niedrigpreis

Exo Terra Terrarium - immediately ready for reptiles, amphibians and insects: available in different sizes

The Exo Terra Terrarium is the perfect home for reptiles and amphibians. What makes the Exo Terra Terrarium so practical for reptile husbandry? Well, the Exo Terra Terrarium has been developed by European herpetologists and therefore has the best conditions for keeping reptiles. The wealth of practical details on the Exo Terra Terrarium is truly impressive: the two doors in the Exo Terra Terrarium can easily be opened to the front - independently of each other! This makes all work in the terrarium and feeding reptiles much easier. The doors in the Exo Terra Terrarium can also be locked absolutely securely, so that terrarium animals have no chance to "escape" from the terrarium. The upper side of the Exo Terra Terrarium consists of a particularly fine-meshed metal mesh that provides good ventilation in the Exo Terra Terrarium and that allows the vital UV light of the terrarium lamps and the heat radiation of infrared radiators to penetrate deep into the terrarium.

Perfectly thought out: The top of the Exo Terra Terrarium can easily be removed if you want to clean the terrarium, for example. Ingenious detail: At the back of the terrarium top there are 10 cable ducts, which make the laying of supply lines for terrarium accessories child's play. Heat stones, waterfalls, sensors for monitoring humidity and temperature in the terrarium - all very easy to install. The Exo Terra Terrarium has a raised floor. Thus the installation of a substrate heating for the terrarium makes no more trouble at all. With a suitable substrate heating you can warm your terrarium animals through the terrarium floor. Also well thought-out: the high front panels in the Exo Terra Terrarium allow you to spread the substrate even in higher layers - ideal for grave-happy reptiles. Water points (if you want to use the terrarium as a paludarium) are just as easy to realize as the assembly of a reptile cave. One of the optical highlights of the Exo Terra Terrarium is certainly the completely real looking terrarium back wall in rock design. This back wall gives the Exo Terra Terrarium a very special look and the colour of the back wall matches exactly with other Exo Terra terrarium accessories - e.g. Exo Terra water bowls, Exo Terra feeding bowls or Exo Terra heat stones. In addition, the beautiful terrarium back wall offers reptiles additional climbing possibilities due to its structure. Not to be underestimated: The terrarium back wall is a good insulation and effectively counteracts heat loss in the terrarium.

The Exo Terra Terrarium is available in sensational 7 (!) different sizes. Here you are spoilt for choice and can choose the right Exo Terra Terrarium for the needs of your reptiles or amphibians!


Please note that the animals shown, the terrarium equipment (with the exception of the rear wall) and the Exo Terra Compact Top (incl. lamps) are not included in the scope of delivery. These accessories are available separately!


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