Exo Terra T-Rex Skull

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Incredibly strong decoration: EXO TERRA T-REX SKULL! The star of the dinosaurs. Brilliant look and ideal as a terrarium cave.

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  • Realistic design and extraordinary decoration
  • Is used by reptiles as a cave
  • Easy to clean
  • Suitable for all types of terrariums
  • Compact dimensions - also for smaller terrariums

Exo Terra T-Rex Skull - the optically absolutely ingenious sour skull

With this realistic looking T-Rex skull you set completely new decorative accents in the terrarium. At the same time, the Exo Terra T-Rex Skull offers your reptiles a good retreat and protects them from stress, because the artificial dinosaur skull does not only looks incredibly good, it is also a highly functional terrarium cave. In this way you increase the well-being of your reptiles sustainably. You can also achieve a positive effect in the terrarium climate. Inside the Exo Terra T-Rex Skull, a humid microclimate is created that is particularly healthy for the thermoregulation of many reptiles and helps them to moult. The Exo Terra T-Rex Skull Terrarium Cave is very popular for reptiles, the large entrance holes make it easily accessible and add an extra dimension to your terrarium to improve the housing conditions of reptiles.

When it comes to the look, the Exo Terra T-Rex Skull is a tribute to the age of the dinosaurs - a tribute for the creatures that ruled our planet for over 140 million years and are also the forefathers of our reptiles today. Tyrannosaurus Rex is certainly one of the most fascinating representatives of its kind and the great carnivore is probably one of the most famous dinosaurs of all. Exo Terra has done a great job on this artificial dinosaur skull, creating a highly realistic model that is an absolute eye-catcher in any terrarium environment.

The Exo Terra T-Rex Skull (large) measures 24 cm x 12 cm x 9 cm and is particularly easy to clean.
The Exo Terra T-Rex Skull (small) measures 14.5 cm x 7.5 cm x 6 cm and is particularly suitable for small terrariums.

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