Exo Terra Sepia Bones (sepia bowl) in a double pack

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Healthy and rich in calcium: EXO TERRA SEPIA BONES IN DOUBLE PACK! The vital snack for turtles and all other reptiles.

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  • GÜNSTIG! Sepiaschale im preiswerten Doppelpack
  • TOP-GESUND! Hochwertiges Kalzium und viele Mineralstoffe für Terrarientiere
  • Besonders praktisch für Aquaterrarium und Paludarium
  • 100 % naturbelassene Sepiaschale ohne Zusätze
  • Ideal für Schildkröten, Geckos, Warane, Agamen uvm.

Exo Terra Sepia Bones double pack - the natural source of calcium for turtles and other reptiles, also suitable for birds.

Most of us should be aware of the importance of calcium for nutrition, and reptiles also need calcium and other minerals to develop healthily. Sepia shell has proven to be an ideal source of valuable calcium and our healthy Exo Terra Sepia Bones are particularly recommended. If you keep tortoises or water turtles, you should always have sepia bowls in your house. This is because the rough and hard skin of the beak (the mouth of the turtle) is sanded down evenly so that the mouth of the turtle remains in shape and no undesirable developments can occur. Turtles and terrapins are particularly suitable candidates for the administration of the Exo Terra Sepia Bones (sepia shell), because the sepia shell is buoyant. So just put some sepia bowl on the water surface and let it float in the aquaterrarium (paludarium). Your turtles won't want to miss out on this healthy snack, and by nibbling on the Exo Terra Sepia Bones, they will absorb a lot of healthy calcium and other important minerals.

But also all other reptiles and birds can easily enjoy cuttlefish, so that the calcium balance is right. To do this, simply take a standard kitchen grater and process the cuttlefish into powder or cut small pieces of the cuttlefish with a suitable knife and simply mix the crushed cuttlefish into the food. In this way, skinks, monitor lizards, tejus, agamas and many other reptiles can be provided with simple and inexpensive health care.

If you didn't know it yet, cuttlebone does not grow on trees and is not produced industrially. What we know as cuttlefish is the back shoulder of squids, if you will - the only bone of squids, even if it is not biologically correct. However, it is enough to realize that Exo Terra Sepia Bones are an absolutely healthy natural product to which no other ingredients have been added. Cuttlefish as a natural snack with high-quality calcium and minerals.

You get the healthy Exo Terra Sepia Bones in a cheap double pack.

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