Exo Terra Screen Terrarium (Aluminium Gauze Terrarium)

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Unbeatable for reptiles with a high demand for fresh air: EXO TERRA SCREEN TERRARIUM! The stable and robust gauze terrarium made of anodized aluminum.

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  • Leicht aber durch hochwertige Aluminiumgaze sehr robust
  • Bodengrund und Feuchtigkeit bleiben sicher im Terrarium
  • Lässt UV Strahlen passieren und verhindert Stauwärme
  • Netzterrarium in 3 praktischen Größen lieferbar

Exo Terra Screen Terrarium - the great gauze terrarium made of black aluminum

Gauze terrariums are one of the trends in terraristics that are becoming more and more popular and we think that's a good thing. Because: A Gaze terrarium offers some advantages over conventional terrariums, which make it perfect for the keeping of chameleons. Let's stay with our chameleon for a moment. The keeping of chameleons in the terrarium is so difficult not least because these reptiles place high demands on the ventilation in the terrarium. Chameleons are sensitive to heat accumulation and mould growth, which are accelerated by high humidity.

With the Exo Terra Gaze aluminium terrarium, all this is yesterday's news. The gauze mesh does not allow heat accumulation and mould formation is completely avoided as the ventilation is always perfect. The aluminium gauze of the Exo Terra Screen Terrarium is permeable to UV radiation, regardless of whether it is the light from terrarium lamps or real sunlight. However, feed insects have no chance to escape, as the aluminium gauze is very finely woven. Especially for chameleons a gauze terrarium is an ideal dwelling, which meets the requirements of these reptiles perfectly. Other reptiles can also be kept in the Exo Terra Screen Terrarium. You'll be amazed how easy this is. And don't worry: The bottom of the Gaze Terrarium is 100% waterproof - this is ensured by a practical substrate tray, which is of course included. So neither ground nor moisture can escape. And like any good terrarium, the Exo Terra Gaze Terrarium can be "upgraded" with various accessories as needed. With the Exo Terra Screen Terrarium, you can easily use the Exo Terra Compact Top Series lamp boxes to provide the right terrarium light in the Gaze Terrarium.

The gauze terrarium is high quality processed and by the anodized, black aluminum it gets a very noble optics. In addition, the Gaze Terrarium is very stable and quickly mounted. So you see: Gauze terrariums are so different from what many reptile fans think and often enough the Exo Terra Screen Terrarium is simply the better alternative to a glass terrarium. If you are not sure whether your terrarium animals are suitable for keeping in a gauze terrarium, just ask us - we will be happy to help you.

And here once again the most important advantages of the Exo Terra Screen Terrarium at a glance:

- The Gaze Terrarium is very easy to mount
- Perfect terrarium ventilation through the aluminium gauze of the terrarium
- Large, hinged front door(s) on the front of the Gaze Terrarium for easy access
- Sturdy and lightweight design
- The perfect terrarium for chameleons and other reptiles with high fresh air requirements.
- Aluminium gauze is permeable to UV radiation - can therefore also be used outdoors
- Compatible with Exo Terra Compact Top and Exo Terra Dual Top lamp holders
- Compatible with the Exo Terra stone motif Terrarium rear wall

By the way: If you want to increase the humidity in the Exo Terra Screen Terrarium, this is no problem at all. Simply use the Exo Terra waterfall or an ultrasonic nebuliser such as the Lucky Reptile Super Fog. So you can easily achieve the necessary humidity in the terrarium and the ventilation remains as effective as necessary for healthy reptile husbandry.

The Exo Terra Screen Terrarium is available in three practical sizes, allowing you to choose the terrarium design that best suits the space requirements of your reptiles.

Exo Terra Screen Terrarium (aluminium gauze terrarium), size: 45 cm x 45 cm x 60 cm
Exo Terra Screen Terrarium (aluminium gauze terrarium), size: 45 cm x 45 cm x 90 cm
Exo Terra Screen Terrarium (aluminium gauze terrarium), size: 60 cm x 45 cm x 90 cm

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