Exo Terra Moss Liana

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A must-have for jungle terrariums: EXO TERRA MOSS LIANA! Absolutely natural look meets 100% terrarium suitability.

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  • Flexible, rotatable and optically perfect
  • Feels natural, looks natural
  • Ideal for climbing reptiles and amphibians, creates natural movement possibilities
  • Water-repellent, hygienic
  • Available in two sizes

Exo Terra Moss Liana - the ultimate upgrade for the jungle terrarium

The Exo Terra Moss Lianas are ideal for an effective, nature-like terrarium decoration and at the same time extend the habitat of reptiles. The Moss Lianas are completely water repellent and therefore ideal for use in humid terrarium environments - Exo Terra Moss Lianas are also very easy to clean. The Exo Terra Moss Lianas not only look completely natural - they also feel that way. And for this reason these lianas are particularly suitable for tree-dwelling reptiles and amphibians. With the Exo Terra Moss Lianas you create an additional dimension in the terrarium for these animals. By the way, you can easily twist Exo Terra Moss Lianas of different sizes according to your taste, so that your personal decoration ideas become reality.

Exo Terra Moss Lianas are available in two different sizes. Simply select the desired variant from the dropdown menu:

Exo Terra Moss Liana small, length: ca. 180 cm, diameter: ca. 10 cm
Exo Terra Moss Liana large, length: ca. 180 cm, diameter: ca. 15 cm

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