Exo Terra Mister - portable sprayer for terrariums

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For perfect humidity in the terrarium: EXO TERRA MISTER! Compact design and particularly easy to use.

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  • Top-Tipp: Der mit Abstand beste Sprüher für Reptilien mit 2 Liter Volumen!
  • Mit robuster Messingsprühdüse - für lange Lebensdauer und feinstem Nebel
  • Einstellbar von feinem Nebel bis zu starkem Strahl
  • Mit Halbautomatik - für ermüdungsfreies Sprühen

Exo Terra Mister - Terrarium sprayer with semi-automatic function

The Exo Terra Mister is the kind of terrarium accessory you won't want to do without after the first use. With the Exo Terra Mister, you get a high-quality sprayer with which you can always ensure the right humidity in the terrarium - and that particularly comfortably. The practical semi-automatic function of the Exo Terra Mister makes it possible. In addition, the Exo Terra Mister has a particularly high-quality brass spray nozzle, which is not only durable. The spray nozzle can be adjusted very precisely, so that you can achieve any spray strength between the finest spray mist and a strong spray jet during terrarium moistening. The special mechanism of the Exo Terra Mister ensures that you can spray without interruption - ideal for humidifying large terrariums or greenhouses. The large water tank with a volume of 2 litres ensures a long spraying time. And the water in the Exo Terra Mister always remains clean, because the filter in the suction hose removes impurities from the water and effectively protects the terrarium sprayer against blockages. You'll be amazed how handy the Exo Terra Mister is. Despite the large water tank, the sprayer is incredibly handy and compact. With the Exo Terra Mister you can even get into the smallest corner of the terrarium. With the Exo Terra Mister you get an extremely practical helper with which you can always ensure optimal conditions for your reptiles and other terrarium animals.

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