Exo Terra Heat Wave Rock Electronic Warming Stone

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Natural appearance and a wellspring of health for reptiles: EXO TERRA HEAT WAVE ROCK WARM ROCK! Perfectly processed heating stone for terrariums - in three different versions.

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  • Optisch von echtem Stein nicht zu unterscheiden
  • Wasserdicht ummanteltes, elektronisch geregeltes Wärmeelement
  • Geringe Stromaufnahme für maximale Energieersparnis im Terrarium
  • In drei verschiedenen Größen lieferbar - 100 % passend für alle Trockenterrarien

Exo Terra Heat Wave Rock Electronic Warming Stone

We are often asked whether heat stones in the terrarium actually fulfil a useful and healthy function for reptiles or whether it is more about terrarium decoration. When you look at how the Exo Terra Heat Wave Rock works, it quickly becomes clear that many reptile species appreciate these heat stones and that they contribute to the optimal health of terrarium animals. The Exo Terra Heat Wave Rock is an electronic heat stone that simulates conditions such as those found in geckos, snakes and bearded dragons in their natural habitats. Here it is often the case that the sun warms up existing rocks and stones, which are then visited by reptiles in order to increase their own body temperature. Among other things, this is crucial for the metabolism of reptiles. In this sense, the Exo Terra Heat Wave Rock is an extremely sensible investment and the heat stone quickly becomes the favourite place of many terrarium animals. Of course the eye also eats with you and the great look of the Exo Terra Heat Wave Rock Warming Stone provides a great effect in the terrarium decoration. The Exo Terra Heat Wave Rock looks completely natural and is a real visual highlight, especially in desert terrariums. The processing of this warm stone is of such high quality that nobody can tell it apart from a real stone at first glance.

The safety of the Exo Terra Heat Wave Rock is also perfectly controlled: The thermal element is completely sheathed and thus protected against water penetration. The even distribution of heat has also been excellently solved - the Exo Terra Heat Wave Rock has no hot spots where reptiles and other terrarium animals could burn themselves - the heat of the heating stone is evenly pleasant everywhere. Also top: The Exo Terra Heat Wave Rock heat stone absorbs very little energy and is therefore a real energy saver - even from an economical 5 watts you can offer your terrarium protectionists this healthy additional warmth. Your reptiles will definitely enjoy this great heating stone, which is also very easy to clean. Top terrarium technology at a real economy price!


The Exo Terra Heat Wave Rock is available in three different sizes and performance classes - depending on the size of your reptiles and the dimensions of the terrarium:

Exo Terra Heat Wave Rock, small, 5 Watt, 15,5 cm x 10 cm x 5 cm
Exo Terra Heat Wave Rock, medium, 10 Watt, 15,5 cm x 15,5 cm x 5 cm
Exo Terra Heat Wave Rock, large, 15 Watt, 31 cm x 18 cm x 6 cm

Attention: Please use the Heat Wave Rock only in dry terrarium environments.

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