Argentine cockroaches in a can (Blaptica dubia)

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Gross, my ass: ARGENTINE COCKROACHES! The super healthy live snack for insectivorous reptiles.

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  • Mit viel Protein und reptiliengesunden Nährstoffen
  • 100 % vitale Schaben - artgerecht aufgezogen und ernährt
  • Perfekte Futtertiere für Reptilien zum absoluten Sparpreis
  • Aus streng kontrollierter, professioneller Insektenzucht

Argentine cockroaches - the perfectly digestible food animals for reptiles

When the term "cockroach" is used, some of us almost instinctively put our neck hair in front of disgust. Sure, if you look at these food insects from their unappetizing side, you can understand that. But: cockroaches are not the same as cockroaches and scientifically speaking cockroaches have always been a fascination. Cockroaches have inhabited this planet since the Carboniferous (200 million years before man appeared on the scene) and cockroaches are absolute survivors. We can say with certainty that the cockroaches will still be at home on earth even if no one has been asking about humanity for a long time. And how are cockroaches to be assessed as food insects? Well, cockroaches are first of all pests, which is mainly due to the fact that cockroaches are real followers of culture and spread everywhere where people settle and accumulate rubbish. Cockroaches themselves are neither poisonous nor dangerous, but the contents of their crop and faeces can have it in them. For our food insects offered here, the Argentine cockroaches, however, this does not apply. Argentine cockroaches are a rich, extremely healthy meal for our reptiles and especially for large reptiles these food animals are a truly found food.

Argentine cockroaches originate, the name suggests it, not from our latitudes and the food insects could not survive in our climate - if they succeed in breaking out of the food box - and certainly not reproduce. This makes the Argentine cockroaches "low-risk" feed animals. Argentine cockroaches (Blaptica dubia) are not cultural followers and do not seek proximity to our waste. Argentine cockroaches are native to the warm and humid forests of South America and feed purely on plants. Argentine cockroaches have two great advantages as feed animals: they are very bad climbers (which makes it difficult for them to escape from the feed box per se) and Argentine cockroaches do not lay eggs. The offspring of these food insects develops in an egg shell within the body. Even if an Argentine cockroach manages to escape: She wouldn't survive long in the climate that prevails in our homes. So you see, Argentine cockroaches are even very "low risk" food animals!

And Argentine cockroaches have a lot of good things in them. Argentine cockroaches are rich in valuable nutrients and proteins - they have a very low fat content, but good calcium values. Argentine cockroaches are a really big live bite - the feed animals grow up to 6 cm long! Argentine cockroaches are therefore particularly suitable as food insects for adult insectivores: Adult bearded dragons or monitor lizards are almost fond of these delicacies. Argentine cockroaches are very healthy as food animals and a wonderful change on the menu of reptiles.

Our Argentine cockroaches are fresh and very vital in the food box. They were fed in a species-appropriate way and are available in three different sizes.

Argentine cockroach large, approx. 10 feeding insects, body length 4-5 cm
Argentine cockroach medium, approx. 15 feeding insects, body length 2-3 cm
Argentine cockroach small, ca. 22 feeding insects, body length 0,5-1 cm

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