Additional fan for Lucky Reptile Terra Fan

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The perfect extension for good air circulation in the terrarium: ADDITIONAL FAN FOR LUCKY REPTILE TERRA FAN TERRARIUM FAN SET! Effectively protects reptiles from overheating and stowage air.

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  • Leistungsfähiger und leiser Terrarienlüfter - wird direkt an den Trafo angeschlossen
  • Maximaler Schutz von Reptilien durch integriertes Schutzgitter
  • Die ideale Waffe gegen gefährliche Stauwärme im Terrarium
  • Starke, langlebige Terrarientechnik zum besonders kleinen Preis

Additional fan for Lucky Reptile Terra Fan Terrarium fan set

The Lucky Reptile Terra Fan Terrarium Ventilator Set is one of the best and most effective solutions for ensuring healthy air circulation in the terrarium and preventing dangerous accumulation of air. For larger terrariums or particularly hot terrariums, it can be useful to expand the Lucky Reptile Terra Fan Terrarium Fan Set and equip it with more terrarium fans. With Lucky Reptile's affordable auxiliary fans, that's no problem at all. Ideally suited for the fresh air supply of terrariums, the terrarium ventilators also have a positive effect where large and powerful UV surface emitters and similar powerful lamps with high heat development are used. Excess heat that would overheat the terrarium is simply removed from the terrarium with Lucky Reptile terrarium fans and cool, unused air provides perfect conditions. Especially for reptiles with an increased need for fresh air - such as chameleons - these terrarium fans are a real boon.

The Lucky Reptile Terra Fan is equipped with a special protective grid to prevent direct contact between terrarium animals and moving parts of the fan - in the interest of the health of your reptiles. Installation is child's play: Simply connect the additional fan directly to the transformer from the Lucky Reptile Terra Fan terrarium fan set - done!

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