Exo Terra Turtle Filter FX-200 Terrarium Filter

Incredibly strong external terrarium filter: EXO TERRA TURTLE FILTER FX-200! Highest filter performance - strong against unpleasant odours.

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Exo Terra Turtle Filter FX-200 - strong, external aquarium filter

This terrarium filter is a real force and brings convincing cleanliness to your paludarium, aquatic turtle aquarium or aquatic terrarium. Unlike most conventional terrarium filters, the Exo Terra Turtle Filter FX-200 is mounted externally. Means: The actual filter process takes place outside the terrarium or aquarium. And what's so great about that? Quite simple: The Exo Terra Turtle Filter FX-200 can easily handle much more volume, because the cleaning chamber is much larger than would be possible with an internal terrarium filter for space reasons. Before installing the Exo Terra Turtle Filter FX-200 you don't have to worry - even a complete layman can do it within seconds. With the included bracket, you simply hang the Exo Terra Turtle Filter FX-200 on the side of the terrarium or aquarium - that's all. Alternatively, you can place the terrarium filter directly next to the terrarium. When it comes to performance, there's nothing to complain about: The Exo Terra Turtle Filter FX-200 achieves a circulation capacity of up to 208 litres per hour - a peak value! In general, you can use the terrarium filter in all tanks with up to 200 litres of water content - naturally depending on the stocking density.

The inner values of the Exo Terra Turtle Filter FX-200 are impressive in any case. This is not least due to the powerful nozzle jet system, which ensures ideal ventilation. Of course, everything you need to operate the Exo Terra Turtle Filter FX-200 Terrarium Filter is included. Naturally also coarse filters, fine filters, activated carbon filters and the odour-reducing use. Due to the generous, double filter chamber of the terrarium filter, the replacement of the individual filters can be done without any effort. With the Exo Terra Turtle Filter FX-200, everything is already set so that flow rate and cleaning performance are ideally matched. Mechanical filtration, water circulation and oxygen enrichment are therefore in perfect proportion. You don't have to do anything anymore and can use the terrarium filter directly in the terrarium. This means that turtles can be kept in the best conditions.

The three-stage filter cleans mechanically, biologically and chemically (with double activated carbon) - it couldn't be more thorough. A special feature is the additional odour filter, with the help of which nasty odours, which can quickly develop in aqua terrariums and paludariums, are no longer an issue. The Exo Terra Turtle Filter FX-200 does all this with minimal power consumption - only 3 watts of power consumption are a small sensation. Even an annoying operating noise you do not have to fear with this terrarium filter: The Exo Terra Turtle Filter FX-200 stands out at most for its pleasantly quiet operating noise. The terrarium filter itself is absolutely low-maintenance - the filters should be replaced after 2 months of operation at the latest - especially when keeping turtles. Thus the cleaning performance always remains optimal and the water is free of dangerous pollutants and microorganisms. Ammonia, which is particularly formed by the excreta of turtles, is only properly absorbed if the double activated carbon filter is changed in good time.

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