Zoo Med Reptibreeze Outdoor Aluminium Gauze Terrarium

Made of high-quality black aluminium gauze: ZOO MED REPTIBREEZE! Finest workmanship, stainless and equipped with a practical floor hatch.

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Zoo Med Reptibreeze - the outdoor terrarium made of the best aluminium gauze

The top-quality Zoo Med Reptibreeze is a beautifully designed and practical outdoor terrarium made of high-quality aluminium gauze. The aluminium gauze is coated in black, giving the Zoo Med Reptibreeze outdoor terrarium a great visual style and is of course completely rustproof. The outdoor terrarium can be used in a wide variety of ways. You can use Zoo Med Reptibreeze to provide reptiles with real sunlight and natural UV radiation in summer. In addition, the practical Zoo Med Reptibreeze can simply be placed on the balcony or in the garden. Zoo Med's open-air terrarium can also be used to keep reptiles that need a lot of fresh air and like to climb indoors for a long time. Ideal as for keeping chameleons, young iguanas, anolis and various gecko species.

It is particularly easy to equip the Zoo Med Reptibreeze outdoor terrarium with heat lamps or other terrarium lamps. It is sufficient to simply place terrarium lamps on the Zoo Med Reptibreeze. Light, UV radiation and heat penetrate the aluminium gauze without any problems. The Zoo Med Reptibreeze outdoor terrarium is also absolutely convincing in the daily practice of reptile husbandry. The stable, generous front door facilitates access to the interior of the terrarium immensely. In addition, there is a particularly clever floor hatch, which makes cleaning the ground or changing the water in the terrarium child's play. This also applies to the installation of your Zoo Med Reptibreeze outdoor terrarium made of aluminium gauze: everything is simple, easy to understand and done in no time at all. You don't need more than a screwdriver here.

The great Zoo Med Reptibreeze outdoor terrarium is available in 4 different versions - always matching the space requirements of your reptiles:

Zoo Med Reptibreeze (41 cm x 41 cm x 50 cm)
Zoo Med Reptibreeze (41 cm x 41 cm x 76 cm)
Zoo Med Reptibreeze (46 cm x 46 cm x 91 cm)
Zoo Med Reptibreeze (61 cm x 61 cm x 122 cm)

Item ID 1318
Condition New
Model ZM-NT-12
Manufacturer Zoo Med
Content 1 piece

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