Lucky Reptile Furni-Tarrium

An incredible terrarium: LUCKY REPTILE FURNI-TARRIUM! High-quality workmanship, stable and up to 200 cm wide. Incl. convenient forwarding delivery.

<ul class="bulletpoints"><li>Incredibly attractive wooden terrarium, various colours</li><li>Wooden terrarium up to a width of 200 cm(!)</li><li>Kit for easy and quick self-assembly</li><li>Robust MDF boards, top workmanship, with special glass</li><li>Free, convenient shipping by freight forwarder</li></ul>

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Item number RK1390B

Lucky Reptile Furni-Tarrium - Top Terrarium with up to 200 cm width

The Lucky Reptile Furni-Tarrium shows that there are good and high-quality alternatives to glass terrariums. This wooden terrarium convinces with its perfect workmanship and a multitude of practical functions that make keeping reptiles much easier. The terrarium is made of best, very robust plates and therefore stands for a long durability. In addition, the Lucky Reptile Furni-Tarrium also convinces with its beautiful appearance, which turns your new terrarium into an attractive piece of furniture. Here the Lucky Reptile wooden terrarium has an advantage over many glass terrariums: the terrarium looks warm and integrates perfectly into almost any interior. Also important: wooden terrariums are much better insulated than full glass terrariums, which leads to the best climatic conditions in the terrarium and significantly reduces heat losses - so you save a lot of energy with the wooden terrarium. The Lucky Reptile Furni-Tarrium is an ideal solution for terrarium enthusiasts who enjoy doing handicrafts - wood can be processed much better afterwards, which makes drilling holes in this terrarium child's play.

No matter what you want to fix in your terrarium - lamp holders, terrarium fans, etc. - the Lucky Reptile Furni-Tarrium makes your work especially easy. Ingenious detail: You can combine two Lucky Reptile Furni-Tarrium wooden terrariums to an even larger terrarium. In this way you can achieve undreamt-of possibilities for keeping even large reptiles. What we mean you can see in the pictures. A further quality feature are the high-quality terrarium glasses made of hardened special glass, which are safe against shocks and other mechanical loads. If one of the terrarium panes of this wooden terrarium would fall to the ground, the probability is high that such a load is survived without damage. These glass panes are therefore optimal in terms of terrarium safety. Optionally, you can glue the supplied handles directly onto the terrarium panes so that opening the terrarium is particularly convenient. The Lucky Reptile Furni-Tarrium features a practical cable duct as well as front ventilation grilles to ensure optimum ventilation.

As far as the easier keeping of reptiles in this great wooden terrarium is concerned, the advantages are not to be denied. As the Lucky Reptile Furni-Tarrium has only one glazed front, terrarium animals feel much more comfortable, as there is plenty of privacy protection, which makes it easier for your protégés to get used to it and relieves a lot of stress. The natural behaviour of reptiles is promoted and terrarium animals often feel much safer in this environment.

You will receive your Lucky Reptile Furni-Tarrium as a disassembled kit, whereby the assembly is very simple - a very well understandable assembly instruction in German language is included. In any case, we recommend sealing the inner edges after assembly. This will make your new terrarium absolutely waterproof in no time at all. You can order suitable terrarium silicone separately from us. The delivery of your Lucky Reptile Furni-Tarrium is conveniently done by a forwarding agent (delivery to the curb).

The Lucky Reptile Furni-Tarrium is available in 3 different designs so you can find the colour that suits your interior. For your wooden terrarium you can choose between beech (natural colour), maple (light) or a two-coloured version (outside black, inside white).

Please note the shipping instructions for Lucky Reptile Furni-Tarrium wooden terrariums:

  • The Furni-Tarrium Terrariums are only shipped within Germany. There is no shipping to islands.
  • The delivery is made with a forwarding agent - not with a parcel service.
  • The delivery is for you free of shipping costs!
  • The terrarium is delivered "free curb". You have to take care of the further transport to your house/apartment!
  • Please enter your personal data in the order form. telephone number on. The forwarding agent will arrange the delivery date with you.


The Lucky Reptile Furni-Tarrium is a real jack-of-all-trades when it comes to the sizes you can choose from, and the wooden terrarium covers the space requirements of a wide variety of reptiles. The following sizes are available for the Lucky Reptile Furni-Tarrium:

Lucky Reptile Furni-Tarrium, W 60 cm x D 40 cm x H 40 cm
Lucky Reptile Furni-Tarrium, W 80 cm x D 50 cm x H 50 cm
Lucky Reptile Furni-Tarrium, W 60 cm x D 50 cm x H 80 cm (high terrarium)
Lucky Reptile Veneer Tarrium, W 100 cm x D 50 cm x H 60 cm
Lucky Reptile Furni-Tarrium, W 120 cm x D 50 cm x H 50 cm
Lucky Reptile Furni-Tarrium, W 80 cm x D 50 cm x H 100 cm (high terrarium)
Lucky Reptile Furni-Tarrium, W 120 cm x D 60 cm x H 80 cm
Lucky Reptile Veneer Tarrium, W 150 cm x D 80 cm x H 100 cm
Lucky Reptile Veneer Tarrium, W 200 cm x D 100 cm x H 100 cm

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