Exo Terra Snakes Starter Kit

Always the right choice for terraristic beginners: EXO TERRA STARTER KIT FOR SNAKES!. These complete terrarium kits make it especially easy.

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Exo Terra Starter Kit for snakes - the complete terrarium kits for beginners

Exo Terra Starter Kits for snakes convince all along the line - well thought-out, high quality equipment meets the highest quality. The basis for this great terrarium kit is always the matching, top-quality Exo Terra Glass Terrarium, developed in cooperation with leading herpetologists and proven a million times over in daily practice. Need more information about the Exo Terra Glass Terrariums? Just click here. (http://www.reptilienkosmos.de/terraristik-shop/Terrarien/Glasterrarien/Exo-Terra-Terrarium-Glasterrarium.html). The Exo Terra Snake Starter Kit is available in a special gecko version to suit your needs.

The Exo Terra Starter Kit for snakes brings everything a beginner needs and the equipment is impressive in its variety and quality. Everything here is designed for the successful keeping of snakes in the terrarium. The following components are included:

- Exo Terra Glass Terrarium, dimensions: 60 cm x 45 cm x 30 cm
- Exo Terra Reptile Cave (Terrarium Cave, size L)
- Exo Terra Water Dish
- Exo Terra Light Bracket (lamp stand)
- Exo Terra Reptile Dome Reflector Lamp
- Exo Terra Reptile UVB 100 (13 Watt) Terrarium Lamp
- Exo Terra HeatMat (substrate heater, 16 watts)
- Exo Terra Moss Mat (Mossmatte)

All starter sets are also available with the matching Exo Terra cabinet.

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