Hobby Guilin Rock 1 Rock with cave

Not without reason a real bestseller: HOBBY GUILIN ROCK 1 ROCK WITH CAVE! Ingenious optics meets perfect natural design and compact dimensions.

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Hobby Guilin Rock 1 Rock with cave

The hobby Guilin Rock 1 Terrarium Rock owes its name to the city of Guilin in China. This is known for its unique pointed rocky landscapes. Get this rocky landscape into your terrarium! The Hobby Guilin Rock 1 artificial rock is a deceptively real replica of these rock formations and not only an optical eye-catcher. Reptiles use the Hobby Guilin Rock 1 for various purposes, especially for hiding and climbing. The reptiles always use the ingenious integrated cave with two entrances inside the climbing rock when they want to retreat. With a total rock size of 21 cm x 9 cm x 12 cm (L x W x H) almost every smaller reptile finds refuge or climbing fun here. For exceptionally beautiful and impressive rock landscapes it is advisable to combine the Hobby Guilin Rock 1 Rock with the other two variants, Guilin Rock 2 and Guilin Rock 3. Of course the Hobby Guilin Rock 1 is excellently processed and the material is absolutely harmless for reptiles. And last but not least, the Hobby Guilin Rock 1 is of course easy to clean and thus contributes significantly to terrarium hygiene.

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Model 40112
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Content 1 piece

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