Zoo Med Repti Bark

Not only optically a sensation: ZOO MED REPTI BARK! Top litter to regulate the humidity in the terrarium.

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Zoo Med Repti Bark - Substrate for wet terrariums

Zoo Med Repti Bark Bedding is one of the best known and most popular substrates in terrariums. Made from pure Douglas bark, Zoo Med Repti Bark is a completely natural product. And that's not all: the Douglas bark is particularly effective in terms of moisture. Moisture can be absorbed and stored for a long time without the formation of mould. This makes Zoo Med Repti Bark an ideal, if not the best substrate for damp or semi-wet terrariums! The substrate is completely harmless for the reptiles: the high-quality manufacturing process means that the terrarium bedding has been washed three times and is therefore free of even the smallest dust particles. Another advantage is the grain size of the Zoo Med Repti Bark. This is very uniform, which makes it difficult for food insects to hide in the ground. The Zoo Med Repti Bark is suitable for snakes, iguanas, many other lizards and even tortoises. You have the choice between four different package sizes - completely adapted to your needs.

For all the perfumes there is only at Reptilienkosmos.de the Zoo Med Repti Bark Megapack with a total of 79.2 liters of ground!

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Content 4.4 liter

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