Ventilation grilles for terrariums

For perfect air circulation in the terrarium: VENTILATION GRILLES FOR TERRARIUMS! The ultimate tool for healthy reptile husbandry.

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Ventilation grilles for terrariums - for perfect climate in the terrarium

Only terrariums with sufficient ventilation are healthy terrariums. Only here can reptiles develop in a species-appropriate way. In an inadequately ventilated terrarium, the dreaded accumulating heat quickly develops. As a reptile owner, you must prevent this at all costs. Accumulated heat is the cause of many reptile diseases and promotes the development of mould and dangerous microorganisms. So with our ventilation grilles you ensure the right climate right from the start. It couldn't be simpler, because our ventilation grilles for terrariums are not only 100% safe (the ventilation grilles have no sharp corners or edges that could cause injuries to reptiles), but also very variable. That's why we offer ventilation grilles for terrariums in two practical designs. By the way: Our ventilation grilles also ensure that neither crickets nor house crickets can "get lost" outside.

Ventilation grille "flat-closing"

The ventilation grille "flat final" has an installation depth of 7 mm and closes flat - no one will be surprised. The total cover size is 50 mm, the opening has a diameter of 35 mm. For all those who build their own terrarium, the Forstner drill is the method of choice for this ventilation grille.

Ventilation grille "lowered final"

The ventilation grille "lowered final" has a slightly larger ventilation area than the ventilation grille "flat final". But first of all again facts and figures: Also here the installation depth is 7 mm, the cover size is 48.5 mm and the opening has a diameter of 43 mm. Due to the comparatively large ventilation area, we recommend using this ventilation grille especially for wet terrariums where good ventilation is required. With this grid a hole drill should be your helper from the DIY store.

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