Aquarium and terrarium silicone adhesive, 310 gram

Strong adhesive strength for terrarium construction: AQUARIUM AND TERRARIUM SILICONE GLUE! Ideal for terrariums and aquariums. High strength and free of toxins.

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Content 310 gram
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Item number RK0409B

Aquarium and terrarium silicone adhesive

Do you want your homemade terrarium to be really stable and safe? Then you won't be able to avoid our aquarium and terrarium silicone adhesive. No matter if you want to assemble the panes or fix other components - this silicone adhesive should be the remedy of choice. You can choose between the transparent or the black adhesive so that you do not stand totally without alternatives. You can attach decorations that are fixed inside the terrarium as well as functional items such as our glass guide profiles. Whatever you have in mind - if you want to build or improve your terrarium: Aquarium and terrarium silicone adhesive is a strong and reliable partner. The silicone adhesive is free of anti-mildew agents and can therefore be used safely near your reptiles. Please note that silicone can glue almost anything, but is not suitable for acrylic glass terrariums. For terrariums made of acrylic you need a special adhesive and no silicone.

Contents: 310 gram

Item ID 409
Condition New
Model 11945
Manufacturer Hobby Terraristik
Content 310 gram

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