Dragon suction claws for heating cables

The ingenious helpers for the installation of heating cables: DRAGON SUCTION CLAWS FOR HEATING CABLES! Thus heating cables are installed in the terrarium fast, variable and absolutely safe.

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Dragon suction claws for heating cables

The Dragon suction claws for heating cables are an ideal aid for laying heating cables safely and easily in the terrarium. Whatever type of heating cable you use in your terrarium, these ingenious suction cups can handle any cable thickness. If you have ever laid a heating cable in your terrarium, the problem is certainly not new to you: You try to align the loops exactly so that the right temperature is reached, but our terrarium protectors don't really appreciate this work. Heating cables are often moved, especially if you keep grave-happy reptiles in your terrarium. This is not only unattractive, but can also quickly become a security problem in the terrarium. As effective as heating cables work as terrarium heaters, you also have to be aware of the risks. This is because the heating cable must not cross at any point and the loops must never be too small. The consequence here would be a strong overheating danger, which can go up to the fire in the terrarium. This may be a deadly trap, which can be defused in no time with the Dragon suction claws for heating cables. And the Dragon suction claws for heating cables even provide double security: They also ensure that reptiles cannot get caught in heating cables - another latent danger in the terrarium.

The Dragon suction claws for heating cables are real all-round talents, by the way. You can place these practical and safe helpers both inside and outside the terrarium. This makes installations possible which would otherwise be difficult to realise, e.g. the simple laying of heating cables on the rear wall of the terrarium, as is necessary for optimum warmth in tree-dwelling reptiles.

You will receive 10 practical Dragon suction claws for heating cables in a box - suitable for all makes of heating cables.

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Content 10 piece

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