Hobby Hygro System

Digital fogging system for terrariums

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The Hygro System is a digital and reliable high-performance fogging system for all types of terrariums. It ensures a rapid increase in humidity through fine fogging using the latest ultrasonic technology. The large water reservoir with a capacity of 4.0 litres is also sufficient for humidifying larger terrariums or smaller greenhouses. Switches off automatically when the water supply is exhausted. The flexible hose of the Hygro System allows you to choose the location where you want to use it. You can easily adjust the fogging duration and intensity to the individual needs of your animals at the push of a button. Plug and Play: Unpack, fill, connect!

Product advantages at a glance:

- ideal for all terrarium sizes
- directly ready for operation: unpack, fill, connect
- digital control with integrated timer
- easy to operate and individually adjustable
- incl. flexible hose, individually extendable between 40 and 160 cm
- large water reservoir with 4.0 litre capacity 
- Rapid increase in humidity due to ultra-fine ultrasonic atomisation
- automatic switch-off when the water supply is exhausted
- Individually adjustable fog generation
- noiseless

Dimensions:  16 cm x 20 cm x 30 cm
Weight:  1.150 g
Input voltage:  AC 120-240 V - 50/60 Hz
Output voltage:  N/A
Minimum fog generation:  approx. 150 ml / h
Maximum fog generation:  approx. 300 ml / h
Maximum fogging height:  with hose 2 m
Tank size: 4,0 l
Hose: 40 - 160 cm (min - max)


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Manufacturer Hobby Terraristik
Content 1 piece

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